About Us

Sparking ideas that ignite solutions.

From ideation to execution, we deliver measurable results.

Igniting Partnerships

Your success is our success.

By employing the right balance of technology and traditional marketing communication tactics, our goal as a creative agency is to do the very best work in partnership with you to achieve your desired results.

That means striving for innovation throughout the creative process, taking ownership of each project as if it was our own and providing exceptional work that contributes to your success and our own sense of pride.

Igniting Solutions

From a simple spark a solution is born.

By digging deep into your brand personality, we look for inspiration that will spark ideas and ignite solutions. Ideation is the creative process of a thought cycle spanning from innovation, to development, to actualization.

Our goal is to connect and effectively engage your brand with your target audience. Through a variety of creatively integrated tactics, BTI Brand Innovations will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Igniting Tactics

An idea is only as good as its execution.

A great idea has the power to persuade and impact behaviour. But an idea is just a thought unless it is effectively realized. Great results are achieved through attention to detail and creative execution.

At BTI Brand Innovations, we have an unmatched reputation for delivering effective integrated marketing solutions by using the right mix of digital, print and experiential tactics that bring your brand message to life.

Igniting Results

It’s all in the details.

Even when working under tight timelines and within limited budgets, we achieve brilliant results by following our fully-integrated seamless process.

While our process has been refined and tweaked over the years to allow for new technology, personalities, trends and innovations, the heart of our process still hinges on BTI’s core values: attention to detail, great creative, and true communication and partnerships with our clients.

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Striving for Innovation with Killer Ideas.

Bringing your brand to life using the right mix and integration of digital, print and experiential marketing.


Businesses that expand their marketing efforts into the digital world often gain from its extreme versatility, and the ability to reach relevant customers in real time. This allows businesses to quickly connect with prospective clients and convert leads into sales.


Print media and advertising have dramatically evolved over the last few decades, and never fail to make an impact when executed strategically.


Promote customer engagement through experiential marketing by creating personal and immersive brand experiences that leave a lasting and believable connection.

Ethnic Marketing

The world is getting smaller.

Our custom approach to ethnic marketing makes a lasting impression.

Research & Insights

We take pride in our commitment to constantly update and build our knowledge bank to stay relevant by gathering market research, white papers, and conducting focus group discussions for meaningful consumer insights.

Strategy & Planning

Data collection through research is not enough to resolve business problems; solutions come from the expert ability to interpret, analyze, and decode information - translating it into result-oriented communication strategy.

Creative & Media

Our approach to creative development is to impact consumer behaviour and drive results- not just create a fancy piece of work. But impactful creative work is fruitless without an effective media strategy.

Small Business Solutions

Establish a solid, online presence and boost your company's competitiveness.

Case Studies

We let our work do the talking.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions.

Telehop Home Phone Service

Already an established brand with discount long distance service plans, Telehop wanted to enter the…

Youth Without Shelter

With so many charities aggressively vying for donor contribution, Youth Without Shelter was seeking an…

Dricore Subfloor

Execute on a complete rebranding for DRIcore Subfloor by connecting the brand on a more…

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