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Posted by Stuart Jansen on November 18, 2015

So in case you haven't heard, Pinterest is kind of a really big deal. Though it's easy for brands to write it off as "just another social media platform", this is certainly not the case; in fact, Pinterest captures an area of Social Media that no other platform does. Platforms like Facebook are mostly used to capture the past; it is where consumers go to keep and return to their memories. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc. are mostly used to capture the present, and give consumers the chance to say and show what they are doing right now. Pinterest is the only platform whose main purpose is to captures the future, it is what consumers use to plan what they are going to do, and you should do everything in your power to ensure that your brand is part of their plans.

If that wasn't reason enough for your brand to join Pinterest, these 10 facts will surely convince you:

1) Consumers Want to Follow Brands! - 83% of consumers prefer to follow brands over a notable celebrity.

2) Low Cost Advertising! - Pinterest recently rolled out promoted pins in the U.S.; a CPC advertising model with NO MINIMUM BUDGET! This will be in Canada soon.

3) It's The Gift That Keeps On Giving! - Promoted pins see a boost in repins, even AFTER the campaign end date!

4) Pinners Have $ To Spend! - More than half of Pinterest users make over $50,000.

5) Pinners Shop Online! - It's difficult to get accurate conversion rates because Pinterest does not offer e-commerce, but what they do know is that 93% of users have shopped online in the past 6 months.

6) You Won't Reach Pinners ANYWHERE Else - Active Pinterest users watch T.V. for 2-3 hours less than the average consumer. Almost 50% of active Pinterest users use Pinterest instead of Magazines and Catalogues. Almost 1/3 use Pinterest INSTEAD OF SEARCH ENGINES!

7) Pinners Love To Show and Tell! - More that 50% of sharing on iPads come from Pins.

8) It's What Women Want! - 81% of Pinterest users are female

9) Millennials Love It! - 33% of U.S. Millennials are on Pinterest; it's as popular as Instagram

10) Gen Xers Totally Get It! - Unlike a lot of other platforms, over 50% of Pinterest users are over 40.

I hope this is helpful for you to recognize the value of Pinterest; really get to know it, because it can be a POWERFUL marketing tool! And don't forget to Pin us!