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Posted by Dhara on May 22, 2020


100 People Who Care, began in 2015 as 100 Guys Who Care, Peel. The motive was to make an impact in the community where people could come together to raise $10,000 in a single night for one of three presenting charities.

Each registered member came prepared to donate $100 and learn about charities in need in the Region of Peel. In late 2019, BTI Brand Innovations took over this initiative with hopes to cultivate the membership and help the fundraiser flourish. To create a bigger impact, we challenged existing requirements and made improvements to ensure the quarterly event was inclusive and productive. We decided to go beyond Peel region covering all GTA communities and at the same time, not limiting event capacity to 100 people. 

With a live event in the books for March, team BTI was looking forward to our inaugural event when the COVID-19 pandemic put all of our plans on hold. Despite our event being cancelled, we noted that charities serving local communities were in need of some extra support.

This was the perfect time for 100 People Who Care to take action and host its first-ever virtual event. With less than two weeks of planning, on May 12, 2020, we made the event happen against all odds. 

Keeping COVID-19 and its impact in mind, BTI implemented some changes, while keeping the fundamental principals inline: 

  • There is no membership anymore. Anyone can participate in as many events as they like.

  • Participants no longer have to give $100 to a chosen charity. There is no limit to how little or how big a dollar amount you can donate.

  • Participants can choose one, two, all three charities to donate their dollars. There are no losers, only winners! 

Thanks to the generosity of event participants, we set a new record for participation in a single event in 100 People Who Care's history - with over 75 people in attendance and donating more than $8,000 between 3 charities. 

BTI conducted a post-event survey to understand participants' sentiments towards the updated event format, and the responses were humbling. All (100%) of participants felt that the new approach and proposed changes were progressive and considerate. Participants’ encouragement inspired BTI Brand Innovations to introduce a new entity “People Who Give” initiative launching in summer 2020. 

The People Who Give is a platform where there is no limitation on the number of participants and no restrictions on the donation amount. Events will be held every 3 months with a mix of virtual events and physical meetups with like-minded community members. Charity representatives will present their cause and participants can donate as much as they want to one, two, or all three presenting charities.

Click here to learn more about People who Give brought to you by BTI Brand Innovations.