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There's No Better Time to Switch


Combustion smoking remains one the most lethal habits Canadians have. Vaping is a less harmful activity which helps many smokers reduce or even quit smoking cigarettes. The regulatory environment is restrictive when it comes to advertising. 180 Smoke reached out to BTI to help their brand and retail outlets breakthrough in a growing, crowded market.


During the holiday gift giving time, BTI understood loved ones wanted to appeal to their still-smoking relatives and even help them with the gift of vaping. BTI created the "There's no better time to switch" campaign. By creating a more emotive tone, 180 Smoke broke through the generic functional messaging typically used in this category. The creative was further optimized through imagery and voice resulting in a sympathetic, yet positive message. Executing in channels where the consumer had the opportunity to engage with the message for greater than 10 seconds was the priority. The campaign was executed on TTC subway posters, outdoor guerrilla posters and 30 radio ads.  Each ad included a directed call to action to visit the local 180 Smoke Vape Store for a limited time promotional deal.


The campaign ran just before Christmas resulting in a spike of traffic to the 180smoke.ca website and in-store. Breaking through the clutter during the busiest time of year was a huge success for driving brand awareness.