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Posted by Brittany on January 20, 2020

What's #TeamBTI working on this year? 


Getting mindful about my sleep - I plan to make my evenings as zen as possible to support good sleep by not eating after 7, getting to bed early, meditating and aiming for 8.5 hours. 

Finish writing my first book and building my personal brand. This is a natural step in the evolution of BTI and will include more thought leadership around branding, personal branding and the power of a smile. 

Slow down and shut down to make room for more clarity and focus for things that matter most. This year I would love more time for me! 


My 2020 intentions include building on a few of the healthy habits I started in 2019. Practicing yoga, eating seafood 4-5 times per week and 60-90 minutes of walking a day. 


My intention for 2020 is to live my life according to my values without compromise. I want my actions to align with my values. 


In 2020 I will focus on a committment to a healthy lifestyle, including working healthy eating habits and regular physical activity into my weekly routine. I also aspire to use technology to enhance my health– I already use my Apple watch, but would like to leverage it to get more out of my workouts. 


The idea in design that less is more really resonates with me this year, which is why my new year resolution for 2020 is all about having a minimalistic mindset. My mantra for the new year is that I will only accept into my life things, experiences and people that give me real purpose, and in return I will live a happier more ethical life.


For the new year, I am working to improve my eating habits. I will try to bring my lunch to work at least 4 times per week, allowing myself to eat out only 1 day per week. Improved eating habits will also mean less carbs and added sugar - sorry team, that means not as many sugary treats at the office. 


Intentionally walk/move everyday! 


Keep my mind and thoughts positive and not letting negativity affect my peace.