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Posted by Stuart on May 21, 2014

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” - Orwell

Orwell’s novel, 1984, predicts a world where the government knows exactly what you’re doing and when. With our entire lives being archived online, and the rise of big data, the themes of this novel seems truer now than ever. However, rather than write a blog about the ominous political implications being presented, we are exploring the possibilities for the future of marketing and advertising technologies. Obviously, these are largely speculative, but based on the technologies we are seeing being developed today, these are BTI’s prediction for the marketing world in 2084.

The Death of the Store

With Amazon already planning to make online deliveries within 30 minutes using drones, we are not far from a future where the brick and mortar store will become obsolete. In the future we will all have Google Glass-like contact lenses, which will store our payment and address information. We can simply surf the web on our contact lenses and “click” in mid air to choose what we want to purchase, from groceries to clothing, and drones will deliver them to us.

What if you want to buy a car?
Self-driving cars are already being developed (also by Google), so it can drive itself right to you.

What if you want to try on clothes?
With Augmented Reality Technology you can simply pick a size, look in a mirror, and your contact lenses will use augmented reality to show you how the clothes will fit on you.

The exception to this rule may be the service industry. For example the restaurant industry may stick around because of the social aspect of getting out of the house and not having to cook.

The Era of AR

The rise of fully autonomous cars will make the entire road a space for advertising. Your entire drive will be filled with hyper-targeted ads which know who you are, where you are, and where you are going. Whether through your car windows, or your contact lenses, the entire world will be augmented reality advertising calling you by name, telling exactly what you want. When you drive near a McDonald’s you may see an ad that says “We know you love our Junior Chicken burger, if you detour to us, we will give you it at half price” and all you’d need to do is click the ad, and the car will add a detour. If you are driving to a beach you may see ads everywhere offering you beach products which will be delivered to you as you reach the beach.

Even if you are not in a car, all your wearable technology from phones, to contact lenses, to watches will track you via GPS, and send you fully personalized ads based on where you are. Assuming stores still exist, if you are looking at an item at a store, you will immediately get messages from their competitor saying that they have a similar item at better quality, or a cheaper price.

Wearable technology is already tracking your health, we could see a future where wearable tech will know when you are thirsty, or need certain vitamins, and companies will tell you to buy their product to supplement what you lack.

However it may come to be, AR will allow companies to create ads that are hyper-personalized, because only you will see it. Combined with the ability to track your location, and collect your purchasing data this well lead to a future of companies talking directly to you.

3D Print Revolution

We are currently on the verge of the 3D printingrevolution. Imagine a future where there is no more warehousing – companies will have a fleet of high-speed 3D printers specific to their products. As consumers make a purchase, the item will be printed on-demand and a drone will pick it up and deliver it.

This provides a lot of possibilities for customizations. Clothing companies can use your photos to determine your taste in clothing and advertise clothing specific to your taste. If you don’t purchase their product there is nothing lost because it is simply a rendering, but if you choose to purchase it, they will print that piece of clothing specifically for you. This level of extreme customization will revolutionize the advertising industry. Companies will no longer need to mass-produce to be efficient; every one of their items can be custom made and there would be no added cost because they are 3D printed individually anyway. It will be the same benefit that digital printing has over the printing press.

Telepathic Advertising

No we are not expecting an X-men like mutant revolution in the near future. Believe it or not the technology already exists, thanks to Sky broadcasting, that uses inaudible vibrations which vibrate your skull in such a way that your brain interprets it as sound, and you hear messages directly to your head. It is currently being used on German train windows, but as the technology continues to develop they will likely learn how to make it more portable. Maybe it will be used on your self-driving car, vibrating it in such a way that you hear messages. Maybe they will figure out a certain frequency that can travel through the air and have the same effect, who knows?

Big Data is Biggest Business

The common factor with all these technologies will be that ‘Big Data’ will be the biggest business. Restaurants will track your orders and sell that information to grocery companies so that they can offer you the ingredients of that meal – because your data is more valuable than your order. Your camera will sell your pictures to clothing and make-up companies, and your wearable technologies and car will sell your locations. Airlines will let companies know where you are going so that they can customize your advertising for that purpose. Yes, this is a loaded prediction, filled with legal ramifications, but give us some poetic license on this one.

What do you think? What technologies fascinate you? Which ones do you think will revolutionize the world? What does the future look like to you? Share your thoughts to social media and don't forget to tag us @bitcreative!