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Posted by Dhara on October 25, 2019
BTI Just Turned 20.
BTI Brand Innovations Inc. was born in October 1999 (The 1900’s!?) It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed! It all started with a couple of people in the basement of the Dhupar Residence and now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talent and creativity. It’s not just a business anniversary. It’s an anniversary of a family that grew strong while defying the odds.
On this occasion, as we reminisce, let us share with you some photos of our Connectors when they were 20!


When I was 20, or as Prince would sing it "When I was your man". I always appreciated Prince for his music but when I saw him live at Maple leaf Gardens on May 10, 1988 during his Lovesexy Tour, I was just so awed! The music, dancing, lighting and stage, along with the props such as riding in on a car or a bed coming onto the stage all played into beautiful storytelling that had such a rhythmatic flow. I have seen many legends perform but this concert set the bar and no concert since has ever matched up to Prince’s Lovesexy.  


“I was in 3rd year at UofT in the Nursing program. I went to Cancun with a friend and watched a bullfight...the trigger to my vegetarianism”


“I was in my 2nd year of Coop with IBM while I was studying at Waterloo. The role was exciting because I was responsible for building presentations to explain the value of RFID scanning for grocery store stock and inventory control. Such a great experience!”


"When I was 20 years old, I was such a banana..."


“When I look back to being twenty, a lot of memories pop into my head. My life consisted of school, work, and hanging out with friends. Our favourite place to go out on a Friday night was a pool hall called Raxx in Brampton. We would all play pool, have a few drinks and listen to live bands.”


“I was in college studying graphic design, and also meeting new people, going to concerts, and making memories :)”


“Made a friend for life. Decided to spend my life with my best friend as his wife.”


"When I was 20, I was working full time at a one-hour photo lab - do those even exist anymore? My free time was spent with family and friends in Winnipeg - where I grew up."


"I was busy working, studying and partying. It was great time in my life. I was honing my skills as a graphic designer at Humber College, working as a grocery clerk at Price Chopper to make some cash, and spending said cash at rock clubs and concerts almost every weekend."