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Posted by Stuart on November 24, 2014

Every year BTI creates a Christmas campaign to showcase our creativity, entertain our friends, clients, leads and suppliers, and to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

In 2011, with social media on the rise and adding many new features, we decided to demonstrate our creativity and capability on various social platforms, by creating a campaign which integrated Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and games with the main goal of increasing our Facebook followers. Here’s how we did it.

The Campaign:
We decided to challenge ourselves by engaging our clients, leads, friends and suppliers for 25 days in a social media experiment. We sent an advent calendar to our entire mailing list through either a physical christmas card, or an email blast. The calendar included a different activity for everyday of the week from December 1st to the 25th. The campaign utilized Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and custom designed games, and all activities were shared on Facebook to boost engagement and gain likes. As part of our holiday charity, and to further encourage page likes, we committed ourselves to donating $2 for every page like we gained. 

25 Days of:

Blogs - Over the course of 25 days BTI published 9 blog articles, which were shared on Facebook. Topics covered many holiday themes including:

  • Gift Ideas: We created a blog of unique gift ideas, and linked each gift to a purchasing page. This post generated a great conversation with our clients through comments.
  • Top 10s: What makes the holidays the holidays? We told our clients what to look forward to in the holiday season through a series of top 10 lists of music, movies, and T.V. specials.
  • Recipes: Who doesn’t love the many sweet, indulgent treats that the holidays have to offer? We shared a delicious sugar cookie recipe and invited all our readers to drop by the office to enjoy some with us. As the 25th approached, we shared a list of 10 unique recipes to make with leftover eggnog.
  • BTI’s Holiday Culture: We shared with our clients and friends a glimpse into BTI’s holiday culture in 3 articles. One showed all our past Christmas campaigns from 2001-2010, the second highlighted our donation to the Eden Food Bank as part of our holiday charity, and the third was a letter to Santa explaining what put BTI on the “good” list for 2011.

Games & Activities – We built custom flash games to help our clients de-stress for the holidays. Try them out for yourself!:

  • Memory Challenge: Test your brain by matching the tiles on this memory game.
  • Who’s Who?: Can you guess which baby picture matches with which 2011 BTI team member?
  • Don’t Be A Square: This is a real brain teaser. Can you empty all the squares?
  • Road Rage: Holiday traffic can be insane! Get rid of you road rage in this racing game. What’s you best score?
  • Santa’s Helper: Being Santa isn’t easy, especially when you’re being chased by wolves! Can you deliver all the children’s toys?
  • Pie In The Face: The concept is simple… click our pictures, and watch us get a pie to the face, enjoy!

YouTube – During our 25 days of fun, we released 3 videos on YouTube to get our viewers into the spirit of giving, music, and arts & crafts:

  • Drawing Lessons: We encouraged our viewers to get artsy as our creative director, Mike Woodgate, gave them a lesson on how to draw a simple Santa Claus. This simple, fun activity generated almost 500 views!


  • Giving Gives More: To encourage our fans and followers to get into the spirit of giving we posted a video of our internal food drive, showing how our collection grew, and how we personally delivered over 100 lbs of food to the Eden Food Bank.
  • Music: We ended our 25 Days O’ Christmas Fun with a video of our staff showing off their musical talents in BTI’s rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. 

Facebook – Above all, this campaign was about generating Facebook likes. We shared all of our blogs, videos and games on Facebook, and also engaged followers directly through Facebook posts:

  • Polls: We took a poll of what our followers’ favourite Christmas treats were. Once the poll was complete, sugar cookies came out as the winner, so we put out an open invitation to come to BTI for sugar cookies and coffee.

  • Albums: We created fun photo albums featuring artistic holiday photography, funny pictures of BTI staff in famous movie posters, and photos from events like our cookie open house.

  • Captions: By posting fill-in-the-blank updates, and funny holiday pictures to be captioned, we shared some great laughs with our Facebook followers.

  • Contests: Nothing beats an ugly sweater contest. We donned our best, worst sweaters and asked Facebook to vote for which one they thought was ugliest.

  • Results: Not only did BTI Brand Innovations increase our Facebook likes by 450%, but we also received fantastic feedback on our creativity, capabilities and on our effective utilization of social media for a good cause, which generated additional sales leads and referrals. Are you looking to engage customers through an interactive christmas campaign? Do you need a creative way to increase social media followers? BTI is here to help!