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407 ETR

Asking and Answering
The Right Questions


BTI was asked by 407 ETR to build marketing collateral to support a new, ambitious year long pilot project in advance of a unique business to business program. Team BTI read and re-read the brief and asked this one question “What problem are we trying to solve?” With this question, the management team realized there was an essential missing piece to the project. Given the size, cost and effort required to launch this project, BTI recommended we take a look first at the consumer.


As a full-service marketing, strategy and creative agency, BTI worked with the client to develop a comprehensive research study. Connecting both with end consumers and the key influencers to the program’s success, BTI recommended and conducted research to uncover motivations and drivers. Identifying the right target audience for the program and how to effectively target them was a challenge, but one BTI was committed to solving.


Due to BTI’s relentless focus on problem solving, 407 ETR was able to build a stronger, more focused program targeting the behaviour required to make this program a success. Based on the results, marketing materials were more focused and effective. BTI was also retained to support the pilot project with marketing materials to help drive excitement and participation in the pilot program. By first asking the essential questions, the project was strengthened, and the program deemed a success.