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Posted by Naina Trivedi on September 27, 2021

The Canadian cannabis industry has evolved immensely past its legalization in 2018. Since then, the industry has seen significant growth which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Over the past three years, numerous recreational cannabis stores and producers have emerged in the Canadian cannabis market.

As the cannabis industry has moved to shed the “stoner” stereotype, several cannabis businesses are rebranding themselves to reflect the companies they’ve become. 
Redecan is one of the largest cannabis licensed producers in Canada, known for using one-of-a-kind proprietary growing methods and continuously refining its processes through advanced technologies. Redecan paired up with BTI Brand Innovations Inc. to create and implement a new brand identity. BTI worked to develop an iconic brand look and feel, with colourful, fun, and educational campaigns to reflect Redecan’s core values.

BTI created new looks for all of Redecan's marketing and sales tools. The creative team took a colourful approach to differentiate product categories and build brand recognition in retail spaces.




Once the look and feel of the brand were established, BTI was challenged to develop a marketing campaign for Redecan’s pre-rolls: Redees. Redees are a one-of-a-kind pre-roll, with a unique cigarette-style design with an extra-long filter. These pre-rolls are perfect for solo use, and the compact box makes them both convenient and discrete.

BTI began its concept building around the Redees by understanding what consumers were looking for in pre-roll products. Starting with consumer insights and research made it easy for BTI to identify the key benefits of Redees over any traditional pre-rolls, resulting in “A Perfect 10” campaign. 

The campaign focused on Redees’ key benefits, and included new hero product photography, innovative merchandising, creative design for printed POP materials (such as tent cards, banners, and T-shirts), sell sheets for retailer support, a buzz video, as well as an in-depth media plan to ensure the campaign was well communicated across the country. 

The campaign was a huge success in terms of highlighting key product features to the right audience. The "A Perfect 10" campaign began in January 2021 and has since isolated key product benefits into digestible and memorable speaking points for retailers and consumers alike. The refreshed product branding has made Redees a stand out product in the pre-roll market, giving this unprecedented pre-roll the attention it deserves. 


Redecan’s latest campaign was built to connect the brand with its consumers and educate them about all things Redecan. BTI suggested a tour around Ontario with stops at local cannabis retailers to speak with consumers face-to-face. The Redee for Summer Tour provided Redecan sales representatives and territory managers a chance to meet budtenders and chat with their customers. The tour took place over the summer months with more than 30 stores participating.





These marketing tools, strategies and tactics implemented by BTI have helped Redecan become one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. 

In August, HEXO Corp, an award-winning consumer packaged goods cannabis company that creates and distributes innovative products to serve the global cannabis market, announced the acquisition of Redecan in a 925-million-dollar deal. BTI is excited to support Redecan as part of the HEXO family and will continue to work closely with Redecan to develop more exciting and creative campaigns. 

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