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Posted by TeamBTI on October 29, 2018

Agency’s Graveyard Livestream Safeguards Against Zombies.

We all know the zombie apocalypse is coming, we just don't know when. So to solve that problem, from now until Halloween, BTI Brand Innovations is setting up a live stream webcam aimed at the graveyard across the street from our office.

"We're in a unique geographic position to provide this community service,” says BTI Founder Parveen Dhupar. "Because hey, you never know."

Although no zombies have been detected yet, as we move closer to Halloween, the odds increase exponentially.

BTI Brand Innovations feels they are specifically at risk due to their enormous brains.

Well, I am a planner,” says Sheryl Johnson, BTI’s Chief Strategy Officer. “So I’m sure they’ll be after me first.

Worried about your own brain being eaten? Tune in to our livestream by clicking the link below, starting at 3:00 PM EST on October 30th.