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Posted by Brittany Zies on May 23, 2018


Connector - a person who aids another in achieving a goal. The Connectors at BTI share a common passion for connecting brands with people and people with brands. These are the values we live by. 

We are The Connectors. Connectors are change-makers, visionaries, dreamers and innovators.

Connectors live here.


Connectors Stick Together.

Never doubting that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Believing that one single spark can set the world on fire. Where we trust. Not only our intuition but also each other. Where we listen. To our insights, but also to our hearts. Where we laugh. At each other and also ourselves. Where we never get too busy to forget what inspires us.

Connectors Put Relationships First.

Our clients are our partners. One team. Where we solve problems. Big and small. Together. Always fully-present and fully-focused and 100 percent devoted. Where we create something from nothing and calm from chaos. Where we organize, strategize and simplify. Treating your business as our very own. Always.  

Where We Connect Brands With People And People With Brands.

Where we paint with pixels, dream in design, move mountains with marketing and create content like Kayne. Where we tell stories. Visualize journeys. Build reputations. Focus on the solution and never stop innovating and imagining where we can make a mark.


Let’s connect!