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Posted by Naina on July 21, 2021

BTI is loving the sunny days and enjoying summers to the fullest. The Connectors share their favourite go-to locations and must-visit places from around the country, and just beyond.


Parveen Dhupar

I love to be around the lake on some beautiful patio with my friends and family. One of the best patio locations, I believe, is by the sides of Port Credit.


Ritu Dhupar

I can’t wait to go to the Terre Bleu Lavender Farm …..leisurely walks, yoga, and a gift store that has lavender ice cream :)


Emily Taraborrelli



I have been so happy to see more family now, and I can't wait to get to a beach,
but what I needed to get out of my system was a leisurely stroll through the winding paths and wild finds of my local Winners ;)


Naina Trivedi


I love beaches and love to take my floating tube on every beach that I possibly can. My favourite go-to beach is Kelso Conservation Park in Milton. It’s a paid beach, so it isn’t too crowded, and the property is spotless and is adhering to all safety measures. Parking spots are easily available to the nearest spot to the lake.

Jean Richer

My favourite place is definitely Perkin’s Cove, Maine, USA.

Thera-lee Rego

My go-to this summer has been conservation areas. Milton has a great location with a beach and hiking called Kelso Park - I love it there.


Colten Mayor

I love travelling and being around nature whenever I get time, so for me, Glacier National Park, Montana, is my favourite place.


Shashi Ghai


My favourite place to be every summer is Main Street Unionville. It's filled with great restaurants, ice cream shops, and cute boutiques.
It has a Toogood pond nearby for a beautiful walk.
Pre-Covid, we would attend Thursday nights at the Bandstands - a series of free outdoor concerts.
This was an excellent opportunity for us to support local and pick up dinner at one of the many restaurants and enjoy before the show.


Dhara Naik

Nothing beats the beautiful location of The Blue Mountains.


Reilly Graham

I love to get outside and enjoy the summer weather! Camping and hiking at Tobermory is my go-to destination if I'm lucky enough to get a spot! 


Danny D'Amario


My go-to location is Burlington Beach. I love to just relax and enjoy a sunny day with my family.