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Posted by Brittany Zies on April 20, 2018

Today is Earth Day! The team here at BTI does what we can to lower our impact on the environment. From only printing when necessary to composting our lunch scraps. But that's just the beginning... read on to find out how our team goes the extra mile for the earth, today and every day! 


"I drive an electric car - not only am I doing my part to reduce Co2 emissions, I am also saving approximately $2,000 a year on gas!" 



"I choose to print on letter size rather than tabloid to save the trees "



"During the winter and colder seasons, before going out, I make sure I'm bundled up so I don't idle for more than 5 minutes if I have to wait inside the car." 



"I recycle, compost and don't litter!" 



"I pick up my dog's poop in a biodegradable bag.  That's 3 bags per day 365 days a year....and a lot of poop!"


"I drive a hybrid car, I walk as much as possible, I conscientiously recycle and compost, I have participated in several street cleanups and “earth hours” and I try to eat locally and buy items with minimal packaging. I also carry my own reusable water bottle. "



"I want to cut down on the amount of plastic bags I get when I go shopping. If it's a small purchase, I'll refuse a bag and stick it in my purse instead. When I go grocery shopping, I bring my own."



"I meal plan to reduce food waste and buy as much in bulk as possible. Did you know you can bring your own jars to Bulk Barn instead of using plastic bags? I have also started making my own almond milk and household cleaners. It is cheaper and way healthier too!" 



"I reuse as much as I can (Ziplock bags). I take good care of stuff so that it lasts ( forever :/ ) and I repurpose and/or give things away rather than throwing them away."



"I segregate waste and try to do it the ideal way -  like how Japanese are doing. :P" 


"I skip water in plastic, thanks to my travel water bottle!"


What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Feel free to tag us (@BTIcreative) on social media!


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