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Posted by Div on November 27, 2019

The BTI website is our own branded, living, breathing, work of art. A direct representation of our agency and core values, the site is constantly changing and evolving with our business.

Our team of Connectors are constantly making recommendations and observations about the way that our site reads and is interacted with, all in an effort to streamline the user experience even further. Our first priority is to produce a visual and informative journey like no other, and we're proud to have recieved a Gold Hermes Award and a Platinum Summit Creative Award for our work on the BTI website. Like any great website, there are some key elements that every good marketer should always be familiar with. Let’s break them down:

  1. CMS -  “A constant flow of new content”

    1. The key behind every living, breathing webpage, is a solid CMS in the background. A CMS, short for “content management system”, is a dashboard for the end-user to add content to their website. A CMS makes it easy to upload content and accompany it with the necessary links, tabs, references, or visual aids. The CMS streamlines the process from conceptualization to publishing content to your website, while also providing fields and reminders to include elements to meet best standards for web and SEO.
      By making sure you have a straightforward CMS to publish to your site, you can ensure the free flow of unique content to your site, as anyone on your team can contribute and publish content themselves. 

    2. A CMS encourages regular posting of fresh content. This contributes to your SEO and overall domain authority, making for a stronger call to prospective clients searching for relevant keywords online.

  2. CTA’s - “Creating a journey for the customer to follow from the home page, to your contact form”

    1. No matter what you’re selling, customers need a little push to motivate activity on your website. Every effective website contains strategically placed calls to actions (CTA’s). These calls to action are buttons, links, and triggers throughout a website, which are placed in an effort to guide the users’ movement through your website towards an end goal. For example, the first thing you see in our navigation bar is a button to send us an email, as well as a quick contact phone number. This way, users who visit our site to get in touch with us, do not need to look any further than the home page. 

    2. When you scroll down to the bottom of almost any page on the BTI website, we see some quick links right before the footer. On every page, there’s a link to “Let’s Talk”, our inquiry form. As well as a link to the next page on the site. In this case, it’s “The Connectors” page. This way, we are guiding our users who have scrolled through the first page of the site, by showing them the next recommended page to check out.
      With strategically placed calls to action, we are influencing the customer journey, from the home page, all the way to a form filled or a case study read.

  3. Quality Photos - "Producing a visual user experience"

    1. We respond to visuals way more intensely than words; engagement is maximized by using images and videos. Therefore, an effective website contains unique and visually stunning photography. Every blog we post, every new page we create, undergoes quite a bit of collaboration to select images that not only complement the aesthetic of the website but also capture the attention of the user. We select images that are relevant and the highest quality possible. 

    2. Every case study received a custom thumbnail image to encourage click-throughs to individual studies. Every blog gets a relevant cover image to complement the piece. When we share our content on social media, we’re sure to include a preview of the blog image or case study photo to attract readers to click through.

Although they might appear obvious, the aforementioned elements are very commonly underappreciated, and lacking on many websites. The internet is constantly changing and evolving, and maintaining a strong web presence involves evolving with the medium. We need to be producing new content regularly to stay relevant, uploading quality visuals to retain attention, and strategically placing CTA’s to guide the user journey towards a predetermined goal. 

Still puzzled? Get in touch with the Connectors at TeamBTI to learn about a modern website management and content strategy to accelerate traffic and conversions.

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