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Posted by Sheryl Johnson on July 16, 2018


As experts in the appliance industry, BTI is constantly asking consumers questions about their purchase decisions and attitudes about appliances.  

This month in our Ontario-wide survey, we asked if you were planning to buy an appliance in the next year.

Here's what we learned:

  • One-third of all respondents will be in the market for a new appliance within the next year. 
  • What's most surprising, is that 73% of those new to Canada (in past 3 years) will be looking for a new appliance. This is tremendous news for retailers looking to build a relationship with new Canadians.
  • The types of appliances most considered by those new to Canada are washing machines, cooktops and wall ovens.
  • When looking for a reliable source of information about their appliance purchase, new Canadians prefer ratings and reviews, consumer reports, manufacturer websites and social media.

Connecting with new Canadians takes more than a translation of your current national flyer, radio ad or social media posts. 

Contact Sheryl at BTI to learn about how we can help you build a diverse and meaningful campaign to reach those new to Canada.