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Posted by Naina Trivedi on November 25, 2021

2021 has been an excellent year for BTI. We welcomed some new team members to the BTI family and had some farewells as well. For this month’s News from the studio, we ask each connector about their year and what were their Key highlights from this year and their personal wins.


2021 marked my 10th year at BTI. It's been a personal win getting to work with such a wonderful team and really great client partners, and still always learning new things along the way


For me, the highlight for 2021 was to watch the Redecan account grow as we become stronger Cannabis marketers. Along with providing marketing services, we exponentially grew our Redecan Sales team. To see the entire #TeamBTI at the Redecan sales conference was a WOW moment  - we’ve come a long way from when I started and was employee #3.



Started working on Adobe After Effects and learning more. Learning UI/UX design. Redecan conference was a highlight. Owning a small home is a big personal win of 2021



2021 was a great year for me, I joined the BTI team in May and had a great year filled with lots of learning and teamwork. I made sure to keep up with industry trends and learn new things to upgrade my skill sets. My key highlight for the years was being able to attend Redecan Sales conferences. It was lovely and exciting to meet new team members, and it was fun to go to the warehouses to see the BTS of Redecan's production. 

Redecan Sales Team.jpeg



2021 has been a lovely year for me career-wise. I feel very lucky to be able to join BTI and meet such amazing people. After years of working and switching organizations, I can proudly say I have found the perfect team to work with. As far as personal wins, I am super proud of the recent construction I did with my father and wife at our home, we have always wanted to get some beautiful sides for our house and this year it was our DIY project to make one for our house.


This year was filled with tons of learnings and growing. I was introduced to the cannabis industry in May for Redecan. So to learn about cannabis and being able to create strategies has been one of the highlights for this year. For a personal win, I have to say I am super thrilled to learn the skill of rolling a joint.