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Posted by Brittany on November 23, 2020

While our city enters another round of lockdowns - we wanted to continue our mission to spread love and happiness. This month we are sharing our beloved behind-the-scenes members of the team - our pets!



Name: Miles Giorgio Taraborrelli
Miles is a 10-week old grey tabby (breed unknown). While getting used to his new home, he has been very affectionate and playful, and full of little cute surprises. He's been experimenting with impromptu attacks, throwing his two front paws up in the air—it's adorable. And, he can't seem to stay awake as a passenger in a car, just like his owner.  




Name: Chico Khithani

Chico is an 8-year-old Shih Tzu that loves cheese and can’t keep his tongue in his mouth. Chico has been absolutely loving quarantine as it means more family time for him, and he keeps himself occupied with productive tasks such as sleeping, pooping, and eating.




Name: Abby and Luna 

My beautiful girls - both sweet as sugar.