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Posted by Naina Trivedi on September 27, 2021

As consumers adjusted to the new ways of shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media apps too quickly changed to cater to their consumers in better ways. The leading social media platforms Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest quickly updated their apps with shoppable features, enabling their users to have faster and better shopping experiences within the app.

In the last week of August, TikTok moved into e-commerce when they announced their expanded partnership with the e-commerce platform Shopify. TikTok will pilot test in-app shopping among select Shopify merchants across the U.S, U.K and Canada in the coming weeks.

Soon, Shopify merchants with TikTok for business accounts will be able to add a new “shopping” tab to their TikTok profiles and sync their product catalogues to create mini-storefronts on their profiles. TikTok users will be able to shop from the app directly, making it easier for users to buy their favourite products without the hassle of searching for those products online. Another aspect of their new partnership involves implementing product links that Shopify merchants can use to tag products on their TikTok videos. This way, users can easily click on tagged products, redirecting them towards the merchant’s checkout page.  

Instagram, too, launched its shop section back in May 2020. In their announcement, they mentioned, “We’re launching this new shopping experience to keep businesses going and make it easy for people to shop for the things they love. Instagram shops are immersive full-screen storefronts that enable businesses to build their brand story and drive product discovery — all in a native shopping experience.” 

With the Instagram shop update, users can now easily discover products straight from the navigation menu. This helps users directly buy or browse the desired products from the brand’s Instagram account. Thanks to Instagram checkout, users can go from inspiration to purchase in the same social media platform without ever leaving the app. This provides a great opportunity for small businesses looking to boost their online sales and revenue stream. Instagram users can view and purchase products directly from almost every part of the app including feed posts, Instagram stories, Instagram live, IGTV, and reels.

Instagram has also released several tools and features aimed at helping small businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. While real-life shopping experiences were put on hold amid lockdown and social distancing, social media quickly became a valuable revenue stream for retailers, brands, and small businesses worldwide.

Pinterest wasn’t left behind by this trend and quickly updated its own app with shoppable options. In their announcement, they mentioned, “we are announcing the expansion of our shopping features to Australia, Canada, France, and Germany, offering Pinterest users the opportunity to shop right from Pins, on boards, from search, and from the inspiration they find in the real world using Lens camera search. Pinners will also be able to get inspiration from shopping spotlights, which showcase expert recommendations and trends from influential fashion and home tastemakers as well as publishers.”

Pinterest has always been a social media platform where users can save pins for inspiration. According to their insights, 7x of those saved pins turn into a purchase. Therefore Pinterest created the shopping list feature, which allows Pinners to easily access product Pins they have saved on Pinterest in one place and find key information such as price, reviews, and shipping. This information is displayed in an even grid, allowing users to easily compare products and make purchase decisions. Pinners will also be informed of any price updates on pinned products, thanks to price drop notifications. (Only available in the US & UK, coming soon to Australia, Canada, France, and Germany). 

Pinterest offers various shopping features available for its users for a better shopping experience. Pinners can shop from search, shop with the lens which connects real-world, offline inspiration to online ideas that can be shopped on Pinterest, powered by visual search. Other features include shopping from pins, boards, and product pins created by verified merchants/companies.  

Such new updates on social media platforms open tons of opportunities for advertisers to market their products or services on these platforms and convert inspiration to conversions. Don’t know how to advertise effectively for your company and are confused about which platform to use? Book a call with our expert connectors and learn how to boost your online sales and revenue streams.