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Posted by Parveen on October 22, 2014

As BTI celebrates our 15 year anniversary we step into the mind of Parveen Dhupar, our founder and fearless leader, to discover what his vision was when BTI began, how it has developed over the years and what his visions are for the future.

Q: Why did you start BTI?

A: I found that in the 90’s when I was in marketing and advertising, there was a lot of broken messaging out there with bigger clients. They would hire one agency to do their package design, another agency to design the ads for that product, and another agency to design the website. This would result in different brand messaging across media – the ad campaign would have a different message from the radio commercial to the website etc. – there would be a lot of messages out there but none would be the same as what the package designers envisioned when they came up with the original brand look and feel. With BTI (Byte This Inc.) I wanted to sell consistent brand messaging across media by offering fully integrated services.

Q: Why the name?

A: I chose the name Byte This Inc. because I found that my previous company was being pigeonholed as only being a package design company, so I wanted to choose a name that conveyed the fact that we are an edgy company and that we have digital capabilities. In 2008 to show that we had grown and matured as a company, I changed the company name to BTI Brand Innovations Inc.

Q: Did you intend to execute all services in house?

A: No, it is impossible to be experts in everything. The goal of BTI was to be experts in brand communications, and ensure consistent messaging across media. We don’t do everything in house, but will own every project, its messaging, look and feel even if we are not executing every tactic. We understand that there are times that we need to partner with those who are experts in their fields to execute a tactic. For example, we would never do food photography in house because it isn’t something that we are experts in, however, we would come up with the look and feel for the photography and provide art direction at the photo shoot.

Q: Is this where you imagined  BTI would end up in 15 years?

A: Definitely. When BTI began we used to use some subcontractors to execute portions of our projects, but in the long run I wanted to have more control of the final results. I always planned to do web design and video production in house, along with the many other services we provide, so the way BTI is structured right now is how I always intended for it to be.

Q: What has been your secret to success?

A: 1) Process: In order to achieve consistent results on time and on budget we need to be very process driven. Though the jobs we do vary greatly from event management, to web design, to campaign development, and so on, we always follow a consistent. Every member of the BTI team knows their role in this process, which ensures efficient work and consistent results from project to project.

2) Flat Structure: BTI has always maintained a boutique size in order to avoid becoming too hierarchical. Too much hierarchy leads to broken messages and a lack of communication. I will never let BTI grow so large that I lose my personal relationship with our clients, and my personal involvement in our projects. This allows us to stay true to our goal of providing consistent messaging, because we as a team are in close communication with each other.

Q: What are your plans for the future of BTI?

A: I want us as a company to challenge ourselves to continue to change and evolve with the industry, technology and culture. By keeping ourselves fresh, we keep our customers fresh and in their success so comes ours. As part of BTI’s evolution we have just released a new website filled with new content. We now offer products, and have even more video content with our home page video, our process video (see process page), and our video production process video (click “video & motion graphics” button). Our clients and prospective clients can now have a more in depth look at our portfolio, and we even have a new team page. We are always changing and evolving because I want us to continue to be at the forefront of new innovations.