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Posted by TeamBTI on January 16, 2019

January is a month of resolutions and aspirations. We got our team together to talk about some of our health-related goals for the New Year. Here's what they had to say!


The theme for 2019 for me, personally, is to “BUILD NEW HABITS”, such as:
• Getting to bed early and waking up by 5 am.
• Meditating and reading just before going to sleep.
• Meet someone new each week with whom I can share, learn and grow through experience sharing.
• Keeping a journal on  lessons learned, goal activity, daily tasks, monitor eating, log training and to capture 3 things that I am grateful for daily.


In 2019, I am looking to become more conscious of the ingredients that go into my food. More and more food is being brought into Canada from other countries and I'd like to focus on foods from local farmers.


I want to focus more on restorative activities as a preventative measure for my health.  I am registered for a restorative yoga teacher training course and I hope to utilize the skills I learn on myself, my family and also the BTI team.  I am also registered for a U of T alumni course on “Managing Your Health” with the first lecture focusing on the healing and preventative powers of exercise.


I believe our health is connected to the health and well-being of others; that’s why I’m going to resume volunteering mine & Myca's time with St John Ambulance by visiting the elderly, teens with autism and stressed out teens during exams. A visit from a friendly dog can literally change their day.


In 2019, I will be more conscious of my workout routine. I will aim to use technology as a motivator, and a complement to my fitness routines. I love using my Apple Watch and want to get the most out of its health-centric features.


In 2019 I aim to be conscious about both what I eat as well as regularly nourishing my body. I hope this will improve my eating habits, as well as improve physical/mental health. I'll be following The "NO" diet: no added sugar, no carbs, no fried food, no McDonald’s.


For 2019 I'm focusing on 2 main things: 

Fitness - I've been kickboxing for almost 2.5 years now and it's done wonders for my mental health and cardio. I'm always focused on my kicks, so kicking for speed and power are my goals for 2019. 

Nutrition - I'm always trying to eat healthy, but I love to indulge. So I want to try and focus on eating well and balancing that sweet tooth.


2019 is going to be an exciting year for me as I aim to increase my workout intensity and eat healthier than I currently do. The latter should be easy because I eat a lot of junk food, so any improvement is a win! Above all, I will try to get the required amount of sleep, if not more.


Fitness and health have always been my top priorities as I enjoy working out and practicing Taekwondo weekly, so to up the ante this year, I plan on focusing on flexibility and balance training.  I want to make sure that I am able to continue practicing Taekwondo safely without injuries, so I will dedicate more time to stretching and strength training to make sure I can maintain a steady balance and proper coordination.


This year I'm trying to cleanse my physical space. I'm giving away things that are not useful to me, and I'm going to be much more critical of things I do buy/collect. 

I'm also aiming to be more active and to improve my eating habits - LESS SUGAR!


I want to make a conscious effort in keeping myself away from displays and screens whenever possible, and engage in more enriching activities such as yoga. A caffeine detox will be the highlight of my 2019 health calendar. 


In 2019, I am working to improve my eating habits. To me, that means less carbs, less added sugar (including sugary treats), and more fruits and vegetables. I will also try to bring my lunch to work at least 4 times a week.

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