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Posted by Mike Woodgate on March 7, 2013

When Teriyaki Experience called upon us to help increase their Social Media traction, we welcomed the challenge by conceiving an engaging campaign focused on customer loyalty and appreciation – What better way to engage customers then by showing your appreciation for them?

We started by brainstorming with the client to come up with a message that would resonate with customers. Through market research and customer surveys it became clear that a common phrase and reaction amongst Teriyaki patrons was: “I Love Teriyaki.” We felt this message encompassed the perfect tone and manner for a campaign focused on gaining Facebook traction and proceeded to carry this through to a branded contest that would feature incentives and giveaways in return for Facebook ‘likes’ and fans.

With a strong message and objective in hand, we created an impactful identity for the campaign that was focused on driving traffic to Teriyaki Experience’s Facebook page. All POP materials featured a QR code that prompted customers to visit and ‘like’ the fan page. In addition, we equipped the client’s PR Street Team with branded apparel and a custom designed and produced an in-store Spin to Win prize wheel program where customers instantly won various prizes and incentives, further promoting customer engagement and appreciation.



Once a customer visited the client’s Facebook page and became a fan, they could take part in a contest by uploading their stories, videos and pictures that ‘showed their love’ for the brand with prizes from a range of big ticket items to gift cards going to the most creative and inspired entries.

In just 3 short weeks of launching the campaign, the result was a dramatic spike in Facebook activity as the client’s fan page saw a significant increase in ‘likes’ with over 2,000 new fans. In addition, the contest was also very successful in rewarding customers for their genuine response and participation. A rise in food sales for the duration of the campaign was also apparent as increased awareness in the friends of fans who had never tried Teriyaki Experience also discovered the brand and its delicious and nutritious meal options.

The result not only exceeded the client’s expectations, but “I Love Teriyaki ” has become an unofficial catchphrase for Teriyaki Experience patrons everywhere, showing the impact of the campaign on the brand itself. Now that’s a whole lot of love!

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