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The only thing that is constant is change.

At BTI Brand Innovations Inc. we are a team of connectors that inspire change. We challenge ourselves daily, seeking out new innovative solutions that connect brands to people and people to brands, ultimately inspiring change in behaviour, change in brand preference, change in buying habits, change in the way we interact with brands or change as defined by your brand challenge.

We thrive on curiosity, striving to discover new insights through strategy and explore new industries. Our passion is creativity, providing out of the box solutions and stunning design to connect with our audience. Our success comes from our collaborative approach, working in partnership with our client partners to achieve the best results. The team of connectors at BTI will make your life easy.

At BTI, we have an unmatched reputation for delivering effective integrated marketing solutions using the right mix of the following services:

  • Insights


  • Strategy


  • Branding


  • Print


  • Digital


  • Experiential


How we do the great things we do comes down to our team of connectors.

Connectors are changemakers, visionaries, dreamers and innovators who share a common passion for connecting brands to people - and people to brands. Get to know our team of connectors by reading our profiles and give us a call so we can to get to know you as well!

We get by with a little help from our friends.

We all need somebody to lean on and at BTI we make it known. Every once in a while, we call on our friends of industry-leading specialists to help solve our partners challenges. At BTI, we are fully transparent and make sure that we bring the right person to the table at the right time to give our client partners the best value. Get to know some of them now.


Parveen Dhupar



What kind of a day is it going to be?

Parveen Dhupar is a seasoned brand strategist, visionary, designer, serial entrepreneur, connector, lecturer, public speaker, author, coach, mentor to many entrepreneurs, and founder of BTI Brand Innovations Inc. (BTI), a boutique creative agency offering full integrated creative and marketing services to H2H (Human2Human) client partners. 

For over 30 years, Parveen has been innovating the brand experience for his global and local client partners and consumers alike. Over the course of his career, Parveen has worked on a wide range of brands in many categories, from startups, not-for-profits and Fortune 500 companies including Whirlpool Canada, Rogers, Canada Beef, Dare Foods, General Mills, Quaker Oats and more.

Parveen is active on various not-for-profit boards as a president, chair, vice-chair and director, sits on many advisory boards and committees at a leadership level, and actively supports charities through his initiative “People Who Give”.

When it comes to branding and positivity, people describe him as a “leading expert”. He prefers “lifetime learner” as he is never comfortable with what he knows today and is always on the quest for continuous mastery.

Parveen is known for his smile, positive outlook, killer wardrobe and is often quoted stating “I am a brand. My job is to make brands stand out from a crowd, so I must stand out.” Parveen leaves a positive lasting impression everywhere he goes, making people smile and spreading happiness. He has the rare ability to electrify an audience and deliver useful insights that lead to personal and business transformational change.

His belief is, in order to be happy, we must start each day with a positive attitude by controlling the things we choose to think about and focusing on the now. He wakes up early, excited over all he gets to do before the clock strikes midnight and chooses to be positive, to be grateful, to be creative, and to be joyful.

So, as you begin the journey of a new day, ask yourself... What kind of day is it going to be?


Shashi Ghai



Leadership is being the first egg in the omelet.

Shashi joined BTI Brand Innovations in 2003 has gained invaluable industry knowledge over the years. She is considered the “whip” of the organization, keeping everyone in the office on their toes and ensuring deadlines are met. As a gifted, well-organized individual, she has the unique ability to juggle many tasks simultaneously. As Operations Manager, Shashi is accountable for day-to-day operations, ensuring BTI is being run efficiently and cost effectively. As Account Manager, Shashi is responsible for leading the project management team, managing key accounts, and planning and executing corporate events.

When not at the office, and not on her long daily commute, Shashi spends much of her free time volunteering with various charitable organizations and on the committee for the CIBC Run for the Cure - Markham/Richmond Hill. Despite her busy schedule, she still manages to find time to enjoy various events in the community, spend with family and friends, and of course, time to shop!


Rob Hoosein



Understanding how and why consumers engage has been Rob's expertise for over 20 years. A marketing communications leader, Rob began his career as an Account Manager connecting the needs of his clients to the work required. Building on this expertise, Rob co-founded and led an award-winning marketing agency for over 10 years. As a Board Member with Engage and Change, Rob successfully led the focus to spread awareness of the homeless in Ontario, resulting in an expanded donor base. Most recently, Rob has joined BTI as Vice President of Sales, connecting BTI to client partners with marketing and creative challenges that are looking for a robust solution.

Rob loves all forms of life and truly believes that “we can all make a difference in each other’s lives”. With his wife Francoise, children Kyle and Mackenzie, and their dogs, Storm and Isis, Rob believes there is much to be learned from all those around us in service to helping others.


Mike Woodgate



Let me show you how it's done.

With over 17 years at BTI, Mike has done it all. His growth and evolution as an artist, graphic designer, and director stems from his genuine love of the arts and his passion for bringing his creative ideas to life. As Creative Director, Mike leverages his years of industry experience, bringing strategic thinking, and creative flair to each and every project. He continues to play an integral part in BTI’s growth by inspiring those around him and leading the creative team by example.

Out of the studio, Mike expresses himself creatively in other ways, by either hammering out drum beats in various rock bands or spending quiet times at home creating wildlife paintings and illustrations.


Sam Khanna


ROLE: Vice President - New York

Sam has a diverse background spanning 35 years in the IT and IT financing industries. Previously holding senior posts at IBM and leading the Unisys Corporation’s North America unit, Sam comes to BTI as a seasoned business advisor helping our clients develop winning business and sales strategies. As a leader of BTI New York - Sam heads up our New York operations and works closely with our clients to solve their business challenges. His broad portfolio across the US, Canada and Europe as a General Manager, CEO, CFO and VP Sales have all included transformative business transactions, including joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, and M&A transactions. As a partner at Altus Alliance for 3 years, Sam especially enjoyed working with startups striving for revenue traction as well as with growth-focused companies.

Although Sam would say that he provides consultations and talks business for fun, he also enjoys golf, squash and spending time in sunny Florida.


Emily Taraborrelli



If you envision it, I can realize it.

Emily’s diverse background in business marketing, graphic design, and print production makes her a strong asset to the BTI team. Given her keen attention to detail, a passion for problem solving and an overall observant nature, Emily is a Project Manager to be reckoned with. At the office, Emily can be found relentlessly tracking down project updates, diligently following up with clients and suppliers, and energizing the design studio with her quirky sense of humour.

Outside of the office, the ‘playful’ Emily loves a strong dose of weak competition in any and every game available. You’ll also find her spending time with family and friends, fixing or crafting things for herself or others, or grooving to live (or studio recorded) music.


Farissa Knox


ROLE: Vice President - Chicago

Understanding how consumers spend time with media, where they devour content and how, is what Farissa geeks out about on a daily basis. As the founder and CEO of RLM Media, and Head of BTI Chicago, Farissa spends her days helping brands develop their media strategy, fine tuning the approach and executing in the market place. Starting her career, in 2003, selling advertising for radio stations in Virginia, New York City, Chicago and across the country, she learned the art of selling and negotiating. Taking that skill set to the paid media space made for a smooth transition of knowing what to do and say to motivate media vendors.

Today, Farissa and her team, work with brands like Target and FedEx, local healthcare initiatives, local and state-wide politicians and city and state governments. Farissa is also a self-published author and the founder + editor in chief of WhatRUWearing, a digital destination for young women who love content around fashion, style, beauty and creativity.


Brittany Zies



Today is the day!

Brittany got her start at a public relations agency where she proved herself as a natural storyteller and honed her skills in copywriting, media relations and community management. She is proud to have worked on some of Canada's top brands; MasterCard, Coleman, Fiji Water, Dell and Aveda to name a few. At BTI, Brittany specializes in digital marketing and communications, turning insights into action and offering strategic council for clients and peers. Adopting a glass half full approach to problems and challenges, Brittany doesn't allow murky water to ruin a day at the beach.

Away from the office, Brittany loves spending time outside, going on family adventures and walking her dog. When she's not out getting her daily dose of Vitamin D, Brittany can be found adding stacks of books to her collection. From biographies and fiction, to how-tos and tabloids – this girl's got it.


Jean Richer


ROLE: EVP Sales Strategist

Jean is a dynamic, solutions-focused leader. He brings a wealth of experience to BTI from a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, and cannabis. In both Canada and the US, Jean has had continuous success in steering revenue growth and profits. He leverages go-to-market sales strategies, strategic planning, analytics, sales, and marketing to consistently exceed expectations.

Jean spends most of his downtime on the board of directors of a local hockey association where he also coaches his sons and tries to keep up with the twenty-somethings in the beer leagues. He is an avid motorcyclist and skydiver but enjoys nothing more than going away on family vacations to discover the wonders of the world.


Dhara Naik



The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

With over 7 years of international advertising experience and association with global brands like Oreo and NIVEA, Dhara Naik is a taskmaster and an effective communicator. She refuses to stay within her comfort zone and constantly pushes the boundary. Her ability to see the forest and the trees helps her to bring excellence in her project management capabilities. Along with her rich experience in the advertising fraternity, Dhara brings in the belief that the future of advertising will not be led by a platform or media, but is IDEA driven. She also advocates that great ideas don't stroke egos, but serve brands; the objective isn't individual glory, but brand success. Dhara firmly supports the philosophy that creativity is like washing a pig, and hey, who doesn't like pigs?

When not at the office Dhara loves spending quality time with her son. Whether it's an adventure at the park, getting messy with DIY projects or exploring his limitless imagination, there is never a dull moment!


Div Khithani


ROLE: Digital Strategy Manager

Div is a young, wide-eyed digital marketer and self-proclaimed “Web 2.0 Specialist” with a serious passion for new technology and digital media. Inspired by the budding tech industry in Toronto while growing up, Div dedicates much of his time to understanding the ever-changing internet in pursuit of his dream to leverage the next generation of IoT technology to transform brands and take businesses to the next level. 

After completing his degree in environmental science at Western University, Div has had the opportunity to apply his skills in a broad scope of professional roles, from business development in the Toronto tech startup industry to international buyer experience, professionally buying metal art and oil paintings in Guangzhou, China.


Doug Lawley


ROLE: Product Manager – Pharma

Doug is a graduate of Humber College’s Packaging and Graphic and Design program, although his 28 years of domestic and international experience have seen him take a diverse professional journey!  Doug spent 19 years in the pharmaceutical industry, progressively evolving from Design, Project Management to Sales and Marketing. Most recently he thrived as a Product Manager specializing in new product launch and life-cycle management of private label, over the counter medications for such major retailers as Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

Doug is a successful Customer Relation Specialist and multidisciplinary team collaborator who is well-versed and educated in drug-related GMPs, Regulatory and Quality requirements. He has been recognized with multiple industry and employer awards and accolades.

A man for all seasons, outside of the office you’ll rarely find Doug inside. Whether it’s actively chasing a white ball down the fairway, skiing the slopes, exploring back country trails or paddling open water, at the end of the day you’re certain to find him in front of a hot grill or kicking back by the firepit with family and friends.


Thera-lee Rego



Did someone say CMYK? I can do that!

Thera is a versatile and multi-talented designer with an ever-evolving set of skills and a vivid imagination. These abilities allow her to tackle any creative challenge from brief and ideation to final execution. Developing and executing creative strategies, storyboarding videos, creating app designs, branding, writing blogs, and more are all in a day for Thera. She is quick on her feet, enjoys creative problem solving, and is always improving her skills by keeping up with newest features in the Adobe Creative Suite.

In addition to working as a graphic designer, Thera spends some of her evenings and weekends teaching kids Taekwondo and training for her black belt. She is also fitness oriented and loves tomatoes, juicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Jinto Mani


ROLE: Graphic Designer

With over 10 years of experience in design with a specialization in packaging design, Jinto found his passion when working with Kaya Skin Clinic. In just over one year, Jinto redesigned over 100 packages helping to reposition the line to target the end consumer in retail vs the sterile clinic environment. This required a new frame of thought to bring in consumer-friendly colours, fonts, and design.  Jinto has also worked with such notable companies such as Tetley, Kellogg’s and Tata Tea.

When not in the office, Jinto enjoys visiting art galleries, watching pyscho thriller movies such as the Shining and listening to classic rock. Photography and drawing are also lifelong passions. As a family man, Jinto always enjoys spending time with his 2 year old, reading stories and taking road trips around the GTA.


Ritu Dhupar



Office managers make the world go 'round.

After 13 years as a Registered Nurse with expertise in Oncology nursing, Ritu left her job in clinical trials to take on the part-time Office Manager role at BTI. Ritu is responsible for office management and administrative assistance, and has most recently added value with health and wellness activities for the team through lunchtime yoga. She adds strong organizational skills with attention to detail and a genuine interest in the well being of the entire team.

When she is not in the office or travelling, Ritu is busy taking courses, volunteering and watching movies at TIFF, and seeking out new vegan restaurants.


Maher Elzeiny


ROLE: Digital Marketing Strategist

No hard work ever goes to waste.

Maher has an entrepreneurial mindset and is driven to help others. He has over 15 years of inbound marketing experience - specializing in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Within these fields, he possesses extensive knowledge of UX and digital analytics. Maher has built digital marketing strategies that have generated traffic and revenue for companies such as IKEA, FEDEX and REMAX. He strives to consistently deliver high-quality results regardless of budget.

In his spare time, Maher spends much of his time with his family and friends. He loves to cook - experimenting with new cooking recipes every week and he especially loves to barbecue.


Matthew Bennett



Matthew Bennett’s career as a filmmaker and cinematographer has spanned almost twenty years. In 2015 he helped make history when 11 BLOCKS, a feature he directed and produced, was the first independent Canadian action/thriller to be acquired by Netflix. In 2016 a CBC film he directed photography for was nominated for Best Social and Political documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards. Bennett often works with business and charitable clients, producing award-winning work for a number of Canadian firms and charities.

When he’s not behind the lens, Bennett is a Dad to three small children in Leslieville.


Matthew Campea



Matthew Campea is a Canadian Screen Award Nominated filmmaker with experience in both commercial projects and documentary films for broadcast television. At BTI, Matthew Campea is a visual storyteller. He brings a narrative approach to branded content with a special eye for cinematography.

When he’s not producing, directing, or editing video content, Matthew Campea obsessively checks his newsfeeds, binges on political podcasts and jogs around Etobicoke. Even in February.


John Goldstein



John is the head of photography at BTI, delivering top-quality compelling imagery to our valued clients. John’s background involved getting an MBA and working in the CPG industry for companies like A.C. Nielsen, Bestfoods/Unilever, and Kraft. In the year 2000 John decided to focus his talents on starting a visual media company, offering professional photography first and then adding video productions to the mix. For 20 years, John successfully grew his own company into a highly respected visual media company with hundreds of clients, ranging from individuals to large multi-nationals. As Head of Photography at BTI, John believes in providing clients with more than they expect, both in terms of the quality of the visual media and the service they provide.

John gets a tons of enjoyment out of doing photography and video production in his spare time, but he also enjoys travel, exploring the GTA, and socializing.


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