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Posted by Thera Rego on April 27, 2017

Every year on April 1st, brands on social media try creating buzz with pranks and fake news to fool us all. Their goal is to go viral while showing off their cheeky brand personalities, however, not all brands are equal in creating buzz-worthy news. So to make it easy for you, we compiled a list of our top 3 brand April fools and fails of 2017.

1. Ikea

What's not to love about Ikea? it has great prices, and affordable food, plus you can drop your kids off to play in the playground for free! This is why Ikea decided to create a buzz by letting customers know that they have replaced the active playground for children with a sit-down tablet station. They explained that, after researching child playing behaviour, kids would be happier if their "playground" was a "press-play-ground". With over 1.5k shares and 962 comments, people were furious and decided to fire back by saying that kids already get enough screen time and that they would rather take them shopping with them if this was true. Ikea replied by saying that they had an assemble furniture game to help children learn to build the furniture, so that they could help their parents out. Eventually, people caught on to Ikea's prank and even congratulated the brand for creating a stir in the social media world. Good job Ikea! You managed to gain parents' attention while creating a conversation around active lifestyles for children.

2. Lexus



Lexus decided to tease its customers by introducing the new 2018 Lexus LC with 'lane valet'. Lexus released a video showcasing the new car that uses V2V communications and semi autonomous technology to move left lane slowpokes out of the way. With over half a million views, viewers loved the video and many wished it were real! Talk about a serious buzz!

3. T-Mobile



T-Mobile decided to poke fun at its lastest plan called 'T-Mobile One' by creating the 'T-Mobile Onesie'. The T-mobile team posted pictures on social media of themselves wearing the onesie and claimed that the onesie was packed with the newest technology such as thermo-charging, nano fibres and fitness-tracking, which is just silly. However, the fact that they manufactured these onesies, were selling them online for $40, and that people were buying them made this the third top brand for April fools pranks. Also how can you go wrong with a slogan that is the true meaning of “unlimited coverage”?!

Well enough of the great brands, how about the top flops of the year?

1. Doritos

We weren’t too impressed with the simple execution of the Doritos 'bold water'. It wasn’t particularly witty, funny or imaginative. Their tagline was “you’re 60 percent water, make every drop of it bold.” We expected more from a spicy brand like Doritos; they usually push boundaries with great content.

2. McDonald's



McDonald's decided to create an ad for the the 'Micro Mac' which is a smaller version of the 'Big Mac'. We were disappointed, as we expected more from McDonald’s, being a major brand with the ability to take things to the extreme. At least with Doritos, you get the sense that it was a low cost execution. McDonald's clearly invested in producing a good quality video, creating the micro burger, and hiring a voice-over artist. For the money invested, the idea wasn't witty or funny, and wasn't very sharable either. We will, however, give them points for having a funny legal line on their video, if anyone noticed. But, come on Mickey D’s! We expected more from you.

3. Lucid Mattress



Lucid Mattress decided to honour Harambe's legacy by creating a product that allowed the user to sleep in his loving embrace, a Harambe Bed - The "Harambed". This was a GREAT IDEA.... in the summer of 2016. This is a great example of brands coming very late to the party. Like hearing your uncle say "on fleek", this brand was clearly trying too hard to reach "virality" and "appeal to millennials" while brining up trends that were 'so last year'! That is why they take the spot as the biggest April Fail.

Did we miss any of your favourite April Fools or Fails? Share yours with us by tagging @BTIcreative on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.