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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on October 7, 2014

It’s amazing to think about how much the world around us has changed since BTI’s Inception in 1999.

For instance, here is a list of things that did not exist when BTI began:

Facebook/YouTube/Twitter: That’s right, there was a time before social media! It’s hard to imagine how we survived. These companies, which are a staple of our society and marketing as a whole today, only began between 2004-2006.

iPods: Remember iPods – those rectangular hunks of metal that stored thousands of songs, before we started putting them directly on our Smartphones? Even though it seems like ages since you last used a pure MP3 player, it was only 2001 when iPods were first released.

Smart Phones: The current major smartphone platforms like Apple and Android were first released after 2007. Even the first Blackberry smartphone was released in 2003. Back in the day a phone was a phone…it called people, that’s it.

USB Flash Drives: The first commercial USB flash drive was sold in 2000. Before USBs, digital storage was more inconvenient, but on the other hand, we didn’t have to deal with corrupted USB flash drives.

Cloud Computing: Looking back, how did we transfer large files to people?

George W Bush on the PhonePresident George W. Bush: W. (dubl-ya) was elected(ish) into office in 2000. Late night talk shows just weren’t the same before the countless wonderful Bushisms.”Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream.”- George W. Bush

President Barack Obama: It would be another 9 years after BTI began before we would get to see the first African-American U.S. President.

Any Elementary School Student: That’s right, if your Grade in school is in the single digits, you did not exist when BTI began.

And Here’s a List of things that existed when BTI Began, but no longer exist:

Dial Up Internet: I’m sure you could still get dialup internet today if you tried hard enough, but why would you? We definitely do not miss the insufferable screeching or the inability to use the phone while being online.

Image of Plutu9th Planet (Pluto): We don’t care what scientists say, Pluto will always be a planet in our hearts.

Cassette Tapes: It’s true, cassette tapes were still being produced alongside CDs in ’99. There was nothing more romantic than sitting beside a radio and waiting for the right songs to come on to record them, and to present your significant other with a hand made mix tape.

VHS: The last major production to be released on VHS was A History of Violence in 2005, and the last
VHS-only player was produced in October 2008. No scene selection, and you had to rewind to go back to the beginning – we had to work to watch our movies.

Blockbuster Image

Blockbuster Video: The brick and mortar movie and game rental shop couldn’t keep up in the digital age of downloading, pay-per-view, Netflix and RedBox. But in it’s day, Blockbuster did it’s part to make our weekends that much better. Be kind, rewind.

Pagers: Another technology that you can get your hands on today if you really want to, but once again, why would you? Send a text.

Have anything to add? Feel free to tag us @bticreative on social media about what existed in ’99 that doesn’t exist anymore, or what exists today that you can’t believe you lived without in the 90s.