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Posted by Sumeet on July 19, 2011

At BTI, we are constantly asked to create high impact YouTube channels and interactive videos. Based on our years of experience, here are some tips for establishing world class YouTube channels.

Tips for YouTube channels:

  • Test, test and test. Unlike website, channel can be changed, tweaked and optimized without huge investment
  • Align channel to strategic goals (Video vs. Advertising vs. educational)
  • Assign a dedicated expert to manage channel – titles, descriptions & tags, friending, rating, commenting, optimizing
  • Participate and engage the community
  • Don’t just Re-purpose old content – create videos to address multiple audiences and a variety of customer needs
  • Create the best content possible – put your best face forward
  • Integrate YouTube with other marketing channels
  • Grow/nurture your channel instead of launching it
  • Keep the future in mind

Best practices for creating engaging video and multi-media content:

  • Emotional connection – content needs to make and retain an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Self-Identity and self-expression – audience needs to be able to identify themselves with the content
  • Interesting Information – content needs to provide some useful and interesting information
  • Easy shareability – make it easy to share to increase probability of virality of videos

I hope you find these tips useful. Let us help you by producing creative multimedia videos to engage and retain your audience.