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Posted by Stuart on July 29, 2014

Among the family barbecues and fireworks of Canada Day, we at BTI couldn’t help but feel patriotic with how much our country has accomplished over the last 147 years. Though sometimes difficult to define, the Canadian culture is engrained in all of us.

We are a culture of artists whom, like the Group of Seven, are inspired by the beauty and variety of the nature around us. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, fishing or farming, we are a culture who thrives in the outdoors. We are a culture of good laughs with great friends, which is why we boast the largest comedy festival in the world. We are a culture of athletes who gave the world lacrosse, basketball, hockey, and even American football (don’t let the name deceive you!). We are a culture of musicians influenced by our great poets- Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and many others like them (sorry about Bieber). Our countless scientific and technological contributions by the likes of Alexander Graham Bell (though, the phone was actually invented by an italian-american, eh?) and Chris Hadfield prove us to be dreamers and innovators. We are winter.

Most of all, Canada is diversity through and through; from maritime to mountainside, prairies to permafrost, First Nations to first generations. Streetsville was settled in 1819, almost 50 years before Canada became a nation. In 1900 the Bell residence was built, and it’s incredible to think that 100 years later a creative team from all over the world, who have different cultures and religions, would come together to work out of this heritage home. What’s more incredible is that this sort of diversity is so engrained in all of us, that we completely take it for granted how different we really are. That is Canada, and this is BTI.

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Our cultural diversity makes designing creative pieces for the Canadian market a truly unique experience. Though we are targeting a Canadian audience, our designs often have influences from throughout the world!

Having such a diverse team at BTI helps us ensure that our work comes off as being authentic, whatever culture it targets.

We’re proud to be Canadian EH!