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Posted by Nakul Iyer on September 27, 2017

Here at BTI, we have an eclectic mix of in-house foodies ranging from chilli chicken connoisseurs, brunch lovers, and fusion food explorers. You can catch us dining at our favourite joints all over the GTA: 

(Click on each pin to have more fun)



Favourite Restaurant: Nomé Izakaya 
Favourite Dish: Japa Burgers

“For people who are looking for quality and cheap seafood like $1 oyster night, this is a can't-miss place! This place is also perfect for people who enjoy fusion Japanese cuisine and hanging out with a small group. They provide a wide selection of delicate & tasty food from starters like salad, to main courses like tacos, sushi, mini-burgers, and desserts like authentic Japanese cheesecake!”



Favourite Restaurant: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen 
Favourite Dish: Veda's Choice - poached egg on croissant, smoked salmon, with mixed greens

 “I love Mildred's because they serve the best brunch ever. Their dishes hit all the important food senses: sweet, savoury, yummy, and filling!”


Favourite Restaurant: Smoque N'Bones
Favourite Dish: I make my own meal of rib tips or riblets, collard greens, brussel sprouts, and cornbread

“It's a causal atmosphere with great music - which I tend to gravitate to. The food is scrumptious and the prices are fair. I like that I have the ability to have and/or share a variety of dishes for a decent price.” 



Favourite Restaurant: Fanzorelli’s
Favourite Dish: Spicy tomato & red wine PEI Mussels

 “A wonderful, affordable local Italian eatery with a warm and comforting ambience. My husband and I enjoy the fresh bread they bake which is complimentary with every meal, plus they have great wine pairings and gluten free oven baked pizza, and they accommodate many food allergies.” 



Favourite Restaurant: Chaska

Favourite Dish: Kathi Rolls 

"Classic from the streets of India. Kathi rolls are a paratha (Indian style flat bread) cooked with a layer of egg and filled with your choice of vegetables or meat. My personal favourite is the chicken or mushroom tikka, but you gotta have it spicy!" 


Favourite Restaurant: Guru Lukshmi
Favourite Dish: Aloo Masala Dosa

“For anyone that has not eaten dosa before, it is a combination of flavours that will have you craving more. The crisp dosa, delicious chutneys and flavourful sambhar at Guru Lukshmi are some of the best in the GTA. For me, it's worth the drive from Markham!”


Favourite Restaurant: Freshii
Favourite Dish: Oaxaca Bowl

 “Healthy without the compromise!”

  Mike Woodgate

Favourite Restaurant: Hakka Legend
Favourite Dish: Chilli Chicken

“PROS - It's spicy, delicious and a great value. CONS - The next few hours are generally a write off.”


  Mike Lao

Favourite Restaurant: Burrito Boyz
Favourite Dish: Naked Burrito – Sweet Potato

 “Burrito Boyz offers a good variety of healthy options. They give generous portions that will fill you up. It's close to work and I go often because of the delicious, spicy food.”


Favourite Restaurant: Bobby’s Hideaway
Favourite Dish: Bobby’s Own

“I love the ambience. The restaurant has its own character. A wonderful and easy-on-the-pocket eatery close to work place is a blessing. Their Bobby's Own has a distinct flavour that makes me visit again and again.” 


Favourite Restaurant: Burger Legend
Favourite Dish: Veggie Burger

“Burger Legend is right down the street from the office and instead of using a soy patty; they use a delicious portobello mushroom patty and you get to pick and choose the toppings. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had and I try to go every week.”


Favourite Restaurant: JJ Japanese and Thai
Favourite Dish: Thai Spicy Noodles with added Tofu

“JJ offers me so many vegetarian and gluten free options so I can have something different every time while my family gets meat/seafood. Plus it's so close!” 


Favourite Restaurant: Lazeez Shawarma
Favourite Dish: Chicken Shawarma

 “Lazeez perfected the classic chicken shawarma and they provide a wholesome experience as well. Delicious and healthy, who could ask for more?”



Favourite Restaurant: Nimman Thai Cuisine
Favourite Dish: Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai

“I find many Pad Thai dishes too heavy or too spicy. Nimman has perfected a balance of taste, proteins and the noodles. Order with a side of mango salad and it's a delicious comfort meal. Sorry, I need to go take a nap now....just finished my Pad Thai dinner :)”

Where is your favourite spot to eat? Feel free to share yours onto social media! But do not forget to tag us @bticreative as a hungry bunch! :)