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Posted by Thera-lee Laurin on October 21, 2015

These fun crafts are perfect for Halloween, can easily be made at home and are kid friendly. Take a read, gather the materials, and you will be on your way to creating some spooktacular Halloween crafts!

Pop Can Mummies

A simple and fun way to dress up your drink cans at your halloween party. This can also be done with drink boxes. Roughly wrap the white hockey tape around the cans and paste on the googly eyes. Overlap some tape on the eyes for a nice effect.

TIP: Consider a way to let your guests know what flavour is inside the package, because….DUH!…you just covered up the label.

Pop Can Mummies Version One

Pop Can Mummies Version Two

Pop Can Mummies Final Complete

Mini Vampire Pumpkins

A nice alternative to a regular carved pumpkin. Using the vampire teeth as a guide, cut out a mouth hole in the pumpkin and stick…er…force the teeth in. Use glue and googly eyes (or other round object) to create some ridiculous faces.

TIP: Use glow in the dark teeth and googly eyes for extra effect when the lights go out.

Vampire Pumpkins Version One

Vampire Pumpkins Version Two

Vampire Pumpkins Version Final Complete

Spooky Eyes

Place these in dark areas inside your home or outside in the bushes to give passers-by the heeby-jeebies.

Draw and cut out spooky eyes on the toilet paper rolls and place a small (activated) glow stick inside. Then tape up the ends so no light peaks through.

TIP: To create bigger eyes, use a paper towel roll and longer glow sticks.

Spooky Eyes Version One

Spooky Eyes Version Two

Spooky Eyes Version Final Complete

We hope you enjoyed these DIY Halloween crafts. From all of us at BTI, have yourself a safe and fun Halloween!