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Posted by Div on May 21, 2019

Hola amigos!

Last week the Connectors in our Streetsville studio packed up our bags and flew south for a few days of sun-drenched team bonding and a couple of drinks by the beach.

Una Cuba Libre, Por Favor?

We touched down in Santa Clara, Cuba, early morning on Thursday the 17th, and got right down to business! We had a blast kicking it together by the beach, enjoying a few meals as a team, and of course, lots of evening fun!
We’ve put together a quick list of our week’s highlights for our friends, family, and partners to join in on the action. Check it out below!

"The best part of Cuba was swimming in the ocean for the first time; it was very clear and warm, plus having the cute little fish swim around me was truly magical."

"It was great spending time with the extended BTI family, while having some fun in the sun"

"This dessert just went to the next level...again."

"I loved going to the market, but I think I loved our sweet ride even more!"

"I had a blast spending time in the sun with the BTI fam; swimming, eating, playing - repeat."

"A trip of "firsts" - First overseas trip as a family of three. Charlie's first dip in the ocean. First time experiencing zero night life. Great memories with the team"
-Mike W.

"What an amazing experience! From the regular team meals, to the competitive foosball nights in the resort's 'Jazz Club', I had a ball and am so glad that I had the opportunity to bond with my team abroad."

"Adiós! Until next time, Cuba."