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Posted by Brittany on June 17, 2020

Now that reopening is on the table, many businesses are looking at the requirements and wondering how they can go above and beyond to provide a safe space for their employees and customers to return to.

In Ontario, the guidelines right now cover a range of topics from data on COVID-19 in general to advice on prevention for different kinds of workplaces. In addition, they are also providing printable posters to ensure employers do not have any barriers to communicating important information to staff. 

With a lot of the tactical reopening elements being laid out for us, the bigger question remains–how do we rebuild trust and consumer confidence after our economy has been completely ransacked by a global pandemic that has threatened our health, livelihood, and the essence of being human–our ability to be together? 

While shimmering optimism is our MO here at BTI, we are wondering how businesses and consumers will respond after months of the "stay home" message being repeated to us just about everywhere we look. How do you unlearn a behaviour? What will it take to flip the switch, so to speak? We have compiled a checklist of ways we can work together to inspire confidence in the marketplace with the pandemic slowly heading to the rearview: 

  1. Remain hyper-aware - follow policies and procedures outlined by your local health authorities and the Ministry of Health. 
  2. Understand and respect that there will be differences in opinion and as a result - differences in behaviour in response to reopening. Some will think it is too soon and others the opposite. 
  3. Acknowledge the hardships - job security is scarce and big purchases may be on hold as a result. By not ignoring this fact, we address the uncertainty head-on, and that may resonate with clients and customers. 
  4. Identify ways your business can solve problems as a result of the pandemic. Whether it is a new type of communication material you have identified, plexiglass dividers, or telecommunications equipment, there is an abundance of actual opportunity as a result of this situation. 
  5. Be socially responsible - priorities have changed along with our world as we know it. People want local, they want to support good causes and they want companies that are on the right side of history. 

Consumer confidence is a critical component of economic growth so we can expect that as we all reemerge from quarantine–we will be doing so cautiously. Unfortunately, there is no textbook outlining the best way to inspire confidence, but we know from our experience with brands and the amazing people behind them, that relating to your target audience is the most rewarding first step.

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