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Posted by Shashi on January 15, 2014

When launching their softest, most luxurious bathroom tissue ever, Kruger Products LP knew that they’d need to make a big impact. With high expectations for Cashmere UltraLuxe, Kruger enlisted BTI Brand Innovations to assist in a highly involved and interactive launch that would excite internal Kruger sales staff and create a great in-store consumer experience!

BTI began by generating excitement around the product at the national sales conference by presenting the sales team  each with a special gift box containing an iPod with an introduction message. Then, in order to increase product knowledge the team was armed with full size gift boxes containing Cashmere UltraLuxe along with a sell sheet and folder for key accounts. BTI also designed a sample pack with a coupon to be handed out at events and in-store to encourage product trial.

As a result of a broad retailer listing, in less than 6 months there were hundreds of in-store demos with many stores featuring models wearing highly fashionable White Cashmere dresses, and hundreds of thousands of samples were distributed. There were also several major tradeshow appearances and trade ads.

Since the initial product launch, BTI has also created and managed a unique consumer promotion which is currently in store. You can visit the contest website here:

By assisting in a highly interactive, eye-catching launch, which engaged both the sales teams and consumers, BTI was part of a highly successful 3600 launch.