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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on May 21, 2014

Innovators understand other innovators.

When deciding to develop and launch Canada’s first online, comprehensive communication portal for the pharmaceutical industry, PIVINA Consulting teamed up with BTI Brand Innovations to head the branding and create the launch materials.

The portal,, is a secure, online communication tool and resource that facilitates and simplifies the submission process for reimbursement to pharmaceutical manufacturers. This service will actually change the way an entire industry operates on a daily basis.

The major objective for BTI was to develop the brand and create awareness and excitement amongst the end users of the service; pharmaceutical manufacturers, private payers, and health care providers.

BTI started by creating a clever brand logo that merged a pill capsule and word bubble, to represent communication within the pharmaceutical industry.  The resulting logo helped create a brand personality that was clean, professional, and approachable – ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

For the launch, BTI designed and developed a premium-looking introductory information package to help market and sell the new service. The invitation style package was created with women in mind, understanding that 75% of the audience would be female, and would be dealing with practical, and arguably unexciting information and tasks within their workday. The package enclosure had a velvety feel to entice the recipient to open the piece right away. BTI also created graphics and images for use on the website and on other marketing and sales collateral, along with client specific cards to grant access to the website.

The result of a game-changing service paired with strong branding has lead to a growing number of products being listed on regularly, making it an immediate success.



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