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Posted by Marlon Tiongson on September 24, 2015

Every year, we challenge ourselves both artistically and technologically in creating our own Christmas campaign. Last year, we came up with Give A Little .Gif, a unique and engaging tool that gave our clients, suppliers, families and friends an interactive and memorable holiday greeting.

The Concept

Give A Little .Gif was designed to work two ways: as a Christmas card and an email blast. Both contained a unique code that when entered on the website, revealed a personalized animated holiday greeting. Once their greeting was viewed, users were able to create their own personalized holiday greeting and share it with family and friends.

Unique codes that led to personalized greetings were delivered through both print and email.

The Animations

To make the greetings unique and memorable, we created a custom animated alphabet using different holiday themed colours, textures and objects.

The best approach to create our animations was through the use of animated .gifs. Gifs had the most potential in terms of wider distribution and optimization from desktop to mobile devices. We prepped all the materials, took a series of pictures and animated them in “stop-motion” style. Additionally, some of the animations were created digitally.

The animated gif alphabet.

The campaign was highly successful at spreading Christmas cheer, achieving a click-through rate more than 5 times higher than the industry average! Click the video and watch Give A Little .Gif campaign come to life.

Taking the Campaign to the Next Level

Based on the success of the Give A Little .Gif, we’ve optimized and streamlined the campaign and added features that allow it to be custom branded and used as a marketing and lead generation tool. Give us a call to see how we can work for you!