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Posted by Stuart Jansen on July 28, 2016

India Rainbow Community Services of Peel (IRCS) is a non-profit organization founded in the 80’s by the Indo-Canadian community, to help new South Asian immigrants in the Peel Region to overcome their settlement challenges.

Over the years IRCS became an established brand in the community and their target audience expanded to immigrants from across the globe and even Canadian citizens. However, despite their wider audience, growth had stagnated, which was a major deterrent to their future expansion plans. They decided that it was time to refresh the brand to dawn in a new era, and turned to BTI Brand Innovations to develop their new brand identity.

We executed the balancing act of rebranding this organization with strong emotional ties and many key stakeholders, by using key research and analytics, along with a deep understanding of the brand. Explore the infographic below to see how we did it:

Infograpic of India Rainbow Rebranding Process

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