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Posted by Mike on August 21, 2014

To stand out on shelf in the over-saturated energy drink market targeting a younger demographic, Cott Beverages enlisted the help of BTI Brand Innovations to redesign the Red Rain Energy drink packaging line-up.

Using the original branding, BTI was challenged to add more edginess to the package design and appeal to a younger, fun consumer group. Encompassing the brand personality, BTI strived to achieve a bolder design to help the product jump off the shelf.

Original Package Design

With that in mind, BTI designed a larger, edgier watermark using an interesting tribal design for a cool yet clean appearance. For consistency across Red Rain’s 5 flavours, the watermark was utilized with colour adjustments to fit within the colour scheme of each sku.

The new design was extended across the entire product line, including:

• Cans
• 4-Packs
• 24-Pack Trays
• Energy Shots

As a result of the newly redesigned packaging, Red Rain achieved a stronger shelf presence in-store leading to increased sales and brand recognition amongst energy drink consumers.



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