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Posted by Parveen on February 19, 2014

Service Inspired Restaurants (SIR Corp.) recognized that it was time to revamp its brand identity in order to resonate with guests, employees, and investors that they have something for everyone.  This involved creating stronger recruitment marketing material in order to attract and retain employees ranging from managers, to chefs, to servers. They also saw the need to enhance their market appeal through an overall updated brand statement. Finally, they desired an upgraded website to reflect this new identity. They chose BTI to provide this new and improved brand identity, and here is how we did it.

We started by revising the tone of the current brand messaging to evoke a connection that appealed to investors, potential and existing employees, as well as the restaurant guests. We wanted to convey the message that SIR Corp.’s biggest strength is that their restaurants are highly varied. We brainstormed various brand statements and compiled an extensive list that included ideas such us “Pick Your Passion” and “All in Good Taste”, but finally decided on “Bringing Something Different to the Table”. We felt that this statement most defined the SIR Corp. philosophy and what it provided to its investors, customers, and employees; something different.

Armed with effective messaging, we executed a fully dynamic website (, which features:

  • Customized content management system
  • Information architecture allowing for each department to manage their own content (i.e. HR manages recruitment page & finance manages investors page, etc.)
  • Clean, simple-to-navigate layout
  • Easily accessible information for key stakeholders
  • Customized home page animation
  • Engaging imagery that draws & connects to consumers

We also created a complete employment branding strategy with supporting marketing material for internal and external communication. This included a complete tradeshow strategy, a branded poster template, and a PowerPoint template for internal communication to name a few.

After only a few months of launching the new brand message assets and the website, SIR Corp has already seen a noticeable spike in recruitment and investor engagement with over 7000 unique monthly views. The new and improved careers brand and recruitment site have also seen a dramatic increase in inquiries and job applications from enthusiastic candidates.