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Posted by Mike Woodgate on April 22, 2014

Teriyaki Experience wanted to launch and promote a new Thai-inspired meal, and because they are a Japanese chain, one of the main challenges they faced was to name the meal in a creative way without mentioning the word “Thai”. BTI Brand Innovations let the creativity flow and brainstormed dozens of names like Golden Fusion Rice Noodles, Bamboodle Noodles, Phusion Noodles, Tiger Rice Noodles, Zesty Zen Rice Noodle Meal, and so on, until we came up with the “Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl”, which implies Thai flavours and a generous combination of the ingredients.

With the name solidified, we proceeded with creative design of all promotional material including posters, banners, tent cards, sneeze guards, counter cards, lightbox graphics, and direct mail flyers. The design focused very strongly on the meal itself surrounded by ingredients with a swirling, typhoon-like effect.

The promotional signage for the Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl attracted so many consumers that it was the most successful meal launch for Teriyaki Experience to date! In order to leverage its successful launch, the new meal was the focus of a subsequent summer promotion bringing in even more new and repeat customers.



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