A Revolutionary Self-Clean Technology

A Revolutionary Self-Clean Technology


Educate consumers and sales associates on a whole new process for self-clean oven technology and develop the brand messaging that communicates the benefits of Aqualift self-clean technology versus traditional self-clean that can take upwards of 4 hours to clean.


BTI Brand Innovations created videos that compared Aqualift self-clean technology against traditional self-clean to use during consumer and sales associate focus groups. BTI gathered insights that assisted in developing all the communication material consisting of sales associate training material, consumer brochures and POP.


Traditional self-clean had been around for over 50 years before Whirlpool reinvented oven cleaning with Aqualift self-clean technology. Consumers and sales associates are grasping the new technology and understand the many benefits. Now that self-cleaning only takes one hour, think about all the other things you can do with the time saved.