Cooking Up The Perfect Storm

Cooking Up The Perfect Storm


Teriyaki Experience, a quick service restaurant (QSR), wanted to launch and promote a new meal that was Thai inspired. One of the main challenges was to name the meal in a creative way without mentioning the word Thai.


BTI Brand Innovations started with the development of the meal name as Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl, which implies Thai and the generous combination of the ingredients. We then proceeded with creative for all the promotional material. The design focused very strongly on the meal itself surrounded by ingredients with a swirling, typhoon-like effect.


The promotional signage for the Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl attracted such a great number of consumers that it was the most successful meal launch for Teriyaki Experience to date. In order to leverage its successful launch, the new meal was the focus of a subsequent summer promotion bringing in even more new and repeat customers.