Simplified Drug Submission And Review Process

Simplified Drug Submission And Review Process

Challenge wanted to brand and launch their new online service; a secure, online communication portal that facilitates and simplifies the submission process for reimbursement to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The goal was to brand the service and to create awareness and excitement among the various audiences and users of the service; manufacturers, private payers, and health care providers.


BTI Brand Innovations created a clever brand logo merging a capsule and word bubble, to represent communication within the pharmaceutical industry. For the launch, BTI designed and developed an introductory information package to help market and sell the new service, supported the software and web development team with graphics, and created a client specific card to grant access to the website.


The introductory information package has been very well received by manufacturers, and in turn has led to a number of products being listed on, making it an immediate success in a matter of weeks. More and more industry players are becoming members of this platform, saving time and money when reviewing drug documentation and reimbursement submissions.