Masterpiece - A Showcase Of Excellence

Masterpiece - A Showcase Of Excellence


Create, manage and plan an offsite dealer event to launch new laundry innovations and empower key decision makers of appliance retailers.


BTI developed the "Masterpiece" theme that reflected upon the new innovations as real works of art and communicated the theme within all marketing material. Dealers were directed onto a registration website where they provided details for flights and picked from a choice of excursions. BTI arranged all venue, excursions and travel details along with logistics as related to the entire event.


Guests were welcomed at the airport and sent to the hotel in limousines, treated to an exciting unveiling party, trained on the new laundry products and invited to enjoy Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on one of three planned excursions. After the whirlwind 2-day event, dealers left the event with a positive look on the new laundry appliances. As a result, the laundry category had a significant lift that year.