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Posted by Mike Woodgate on August 25, 2016

CHASKA, a new quick-service restaurant in Mississauga is looking to give customers a fresh take on Indian street food favourites. Over the past year and a half, we have worked side by side with the man behind the concept, Naveen Seth, to help develop the brand and assist in its location's unique interior design. 

The CHASKA concept is inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours of the truck stops, food carts and open-air markets of India.

In his own words, Naveen Seth, tells the story of the Chaska concept:

“CHASKA” literally means “Obsession”, and mine is an obsession with Indian street food. Looking back on my childhood in India, some of my favourite memories are those of family road trips to different cities to visit friends and relatives. These trips were a feast for the senses; from the vivid colours and artistry of the trucks we would pass along the way and the distinctive sounds of their horns, to the delicious flavours and aromas of the street food. Each place we would go offered a unique street food experience where I developed my passion for favourites such as chaat, kathi rolls, samosas and tava chicken.

Now, the authentic street food experience that I remember as a young boy is brought to life for you at CHASKA. We offer a different take on Indian food that is both delicious and fresh, prepared daily using savoury spices, with flavourful herbs and marinades in place of rich and heavy sauces.

All of our recipes have been developed with passion, and spiced to perfection. We invite you to be a food explorer at CHASKA, and make Indian street food your obsession.

In collaboration with interior designers and the Chaska team, BTI was able to bring Naveen's vision to life with a bold, fresh and unique brand image.

"Thanks to the team at BTI, for helping me realize my vision for the Chaska brand and bringing inspiration to life through your work!" - Naveen Seth

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