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Posted by Mike Woodgate on December 4, 2011

Inspired by the Christmas spirit, the BTI team decided to hold an in-house food drive, which we kicked off this past November.

To begin, we marked the spot with POD (point of donation) signage. We then placed two empty bushels in front as our starter goal. Day after day, we saw them fill up, until it was necessary to add another box, and then another. This was great!

The day of our delivery was a sunny day, cheerfully matching our own moods. We loaded the trunk and went on our way.

A short drive later we reached our destination, The Eden Community Food Bank (ECFB), located in south west Mississauga. (visit them online )

In hopes to help the staff sort our donation, we dropped the food off at the back entrance. We then accepted the invitation for an impromptu tour, thanks to ECFB Office Manager, Maureen. Hearing about the happenings and procedures at the food bank, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for what we have and also grateful for what we can share with those who need it more. As well, we learned that the Eden Community Food bank does more than just hand out food. They truly help people to help themselves. They do this by helping clients with job searches, prepare for interviews, budget their financial situations, direct them to ESL resources, and the list goes on. Having opened their doors in April of 2009, their client list started at 5 families a week utilizing their services, with that number escalating rapidly from that point on.

All in all, it was nice to see how our modest food drive, and trip to the food bank resulted in serving ourselves just as much, albeit in a different way, as serving others; a fitting outcome for the holiday season

What we were able to share weighed in at 116 lbs. A number we will have to beat next year!

Don’t forget to visit Eden Community Food Bank’s Facebook page!

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