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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on April 25, 2016

Imagine a product which measures your brain signals using 7 finely calibrated sensors. It detects whether your mind is active, calm, or neutral and then translates those signals into weather sounds - all to help you meditate.

Wow! It sounds like a scientific experiment to read people's inner-most thoughts!

That is how many consumers felt when they were first introduced to Muse. The majority faced the dilemma of "is this dangerous? Why, and how, do I use this?" They liked the idea of guided meditation, and liked the idea of the product, but weren't sure how it would work, or whether it was invasive.

How does a brand resolve this issue of apprehension, and create demand for the product in the market? Typically, it's by engaging and educating the consumer. Muse is sold within 2 platforms - Online and Retail. Of the two, retail provides an opportunity for educating the consumer on the floor, in person, however, in this case there is no specific sales support in store.

The solution was simple - redesign the packaging to become a ‘self-sustaining’ sales tool to elicit consumer intrigue and indulgence. The product needed to sell itself.



Our first step towards sculpting a solution was to perform a thorough evaluation of the existing packaging and review the consumer feedback from focus group discussion on the existing packaging. With consumer insights in hand, we developed new messaging that laid out what Muse is and how it works. We used in-use imagery right on the front face to demonstrate the product and instantly explain its purpose in the mind of the consumer. The Muse experience was broken down into 5 key components, each with an associative icon. Brand colours were maintained to continue to reinforce strong brand association. Retail displays were re-skinned to communicate consistent messaging and retail packaging was developed for Muse Headband carrying cases.

The cohesiveness between the newly designed components established a much greater in-store presence and much more powerful product claim.

Muse continues to lead the way in the global market for wearable meditation devices, and we're honoured to be part of their history.

The redesigned Muse packaging sells itself with high impact and clarity

The redesigned Muse packaging sells itself with high impact and clarity

Muse Icons created by BTI Brand Innovations Inc.

Illustrated icons helped walk consumers through the Muse experience