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Posted by Parveen on April 17, 2020

Over the last few weeks, we have collectively experienced dramatic changes to the world as we know due to COVID-19. We know what life was like before the pandemic, but right now, no one is quite sure about what comes next.


Unfortunately, BTI is not immune to the immense hardships that small businesses are facing right now. Our business dropped by 70% and the revenue that is coming in will barely cover wages and fixed expenses. Rather than having the team not working or resorting to layoffs, I decided to fill the gaps in projects with non-billable creative projects – and there is no shortage of those!  


We rallied together to build a completely new communication platform – Connected Together - to focus on the positive that is coming out of COVID-19. A place that could motivate people to do great things, rather than to solely focus on the bad and scary.


Our goal was to:

  • Create a place where we can showcase the way our communities have come together to protect the most vulnerable
  • Highlight the amazing steps our government and businesses have taken to stop the spread and make life a little bit easier
  • Celebrate how people are helping each other
  • Honour essential workers
  • Inspire a life well-lived, even while we are in lockdown


The first source of inspiration to create Connected Together came from the news. We all agreed that the world has had enough bad news right now. The news has become a constant stream of stress that can impact your mental state even when you turn it off. Stories of people behaving negatively, as seen on TV and then playing out in front of us as we experienced things like trash in parking lots, disgruntled people in lines, and arguments at grocery stores. I said to myself that “we are better than this,” and sometimes we just need a reminder to be kind.


Secondly, I was inspired by the resilience of entrepreneurs. I belong to an organization called EO and very quickly, we started to share stories that pushed each other to look beyond today, reminding ourselves that “this too shall pass”. It was incredibly inspiring to see the pivots that many organizations were making and the way they started to support the front-line workers. It got me thinking about what I could do that would utilize mine and my teams’ talents.


This is why we created Connected Together, a curated community of love in times of crisis. A place where we can be a beacon of positivity, sharing helpful information, things that make us laugh, stories of good deeds, and celebrate local heroes. We are offering this remedy of hope to the community and we hope that it will inspire people and businesses to discover a way they can utilize their unique skills, build team culture and give back to the community without expecting anything in return.


The stories on Connected Together are bucketed into 3 categories with a highlighted local hero of the week:


#BEGREAT features stories that appeal to our human side – here you will find stories of self-care, acts of kindness, and teamwork.

#ATHOME features resources for activities, ideas, and inspiration for keeping busy at home.

#SUPPORTLOCAL features some of the many small businesses that need our support right now. We want to draw attention to these businesses and let our community know that they are still open and here to serve.


Lastly, we Highlight a Hero – people with hearts of gold that are doing great deeds for the betterment of the community.


Do you have a story to share with us or do you know someone that should be recognized? Visit  to read stories of hope in times of crisis and share yours with us too.