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Posted by James Tamboli on January 16, 2019

 One of the most important things brands compete for is the consumer’s attention. In the era of the internet, most people dedicate their attention to their phones. Billboards and TV ads aren’t enough on their own anymore, and as more brands understand this, they are allocating funds toward generating online content.

However, to stand out from the millions of ads consumers are exposed to every day, brands need to go above and beyond just paid ads; they need to connect and engage with the consumer. They can do this by creating relevant, share-worthy content for their social media pages. Meaningful content is not only an added value for the consumer, but it also enables brands to both engage and create a community of loyal followers.

At BTI, we follow the 3 C’s of a content strategy.



Know your audience.Identify who you are speaking to, and create content that’s relatable. All content produced should be backed by a clear strategic vision and does not have to be promotional. The core purpose of generating content is engaging with the customer by producing something relevant to them.
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The context of the platforms on which the content is posted is critical. For example: A post on LinkedIn will be for a different purpose than a post on Instagram. A brand must customize their content to reach the right audience through the right channels. For example, a professional demographic might be more interested in a white paper on LinkedIn as opposed to a meme on Instagram. If your content does not fit with its channel, it may seem out of place.



Consistency is key. The statement, “out of sight, out of mind”, is a great way to explain why brands need to be consistent with their content online. By doing so they are also generating value for their customers on a regular basis which builds a stronger relationship than sales alone would. By staying consistent with a regular posting schedule, brands give prospective customers little time to forget about them. By consistently placing quality content in front of people, a brand will not only improve their presence and engagement but also their overall brand awareness.

The 3C's simply translate to establishing the right context for the content based on what platform it is shared on. Once content and context are well defined, it is important to be consistent in delivering value to the followers.

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