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Posted by Brittany on September 25, 2020

A content strategy refers to the development of content in any type of media. A simple Google search will lead you to hundreds of different definitions and explanations—a testament to the indecisive nature of the term itself. My favourite, however, comes from Rachel Lovinger’s 2007 article titled Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data, and she describes it as: 

 “[to use] words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences.” (Source)

What I like about this definition is its inclusion of the words “meaningful” and “interactive.” “Meaningful” is the end goal for the end-user, and “interactive” suggests that media can take on any form, even design.  

At BTI, we want to make sure your content strategy asks the right questions, and that’s why we always start with the raison d'être of marketing: who are we trying to reach and what do we want them to do?  

How to create a winning content strategy 

A content strategy should start and end with consideration for the end-user. Audience insights always guide the way. You must identify the target audiences’ values in order to resonate with them in any type of media. There are many avenues to meet your audience, but if we meet them with content that doesn’t inspire action, then what is the point? 

Start by building audience preference profiles—what does your target like? What are they passionate about? What do they hate? What are their habits? And then understand where they digest content. What is their attention span like? Do they typically use audio, or should we be prepared with subtitles? Are they on YouTube or Vimeo? Is it Facebook or Linkedin? And Why? All of these questions prepare the foundation for a winning content strategy. 

Then What? 

Creating a content strategy is like taking up exercise. We do it with an end goal in mind, but consistency and persistence are what’s really important. Effective content strategies will often span several months at a time, with each month building on learnings and new opportunities identified from the previous. While your audience may evolve over time, the media landscape changes at lightning speed, staying on top of current trends, platforms, outlets, etc. is critical. At BTI, we believe in the tried and true, with a healthy dose of calculated risks to create content strategies that build brands.  

So how can BTI help you amplify your content strategy?

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