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Cott Cola

Mix It Up!



Cott Cola, a value soft drink brand, was a staple on store shelves across Canada in the 80's. But, as the company continued to grow, their focus shifted away from Cott pop and the brand lost its spark. Cott Cola challenged BTI to help 'Refresh' the brand's image and create relevancy within the target audience.


To tackle the challenge, we took to social media with a strategy, segmented into 4 stages: Generate Interest, Populate, Target, and Engage. Within only a few months of activity we built a community of over 4,500 fans, and with this captive audience, we transitioned to a targeted approach with a new campaign...MIX IT UP!


MIX IT UP! celebrates diversity and individuality, and helped turn our fans into brand champions. The content delivered on relevance to our target audience, resulting in an increase of page likes, reach, and engagement - bringing a new life to Cott pop with a fan base that continues to grow.