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Posted by Mike Woodgate on June 27, 2013

Perhaps you have a filtered water dispenser that is built into your refrigerator. Do you, like many, ignore the ‘change your water filter’ indicator? Also, do you know which particular filter you need?

Many people don’t fully enjoy the convenience of a water dispenser because they find it a hassle to change the filter. They may not realize the benefits of doing so and may also find it difficult to identify the right filter for their refrigerator model.

A strategy needed to be devised and implemented to broadcast the benefits and ease of finding and replacing a water filter, and Whirlpool brand water filters needed someone to partner with them to do so. BTI Brand Innovations supported the Whirlpool initiative to boost brandawareness, and sales, by developing a brand strategy that would;

  1. inform consumers on the benefits of using water filters
  2. remind consumers to change their water filters
  3. educate consumers on how to identify which water filter to use for their particular refrigerator model

Initially, an overarching brand message was developed, followed up with a takeaway guide to demonstrate how to identify the correct water filter needed. These guides would be found available on custom designed (by BTI) in-store water filter merchandising displays, and were super effective in reaching the precise consumer market.

The communication strategy used here was then implemented throughout in-store and online marketing tactics . Other tactics included a cleverly designed mailer fora retailer branded direct mail campaign, a sales associate incentive program and a consumer promotion. All were designed to work hand-in-hand; drive traffic into retail stores and provide incentives for the sales associates to sell more product.

The emphasis on the brand messaging “Drink with confidence. Remember to change your water filter every 6 months” and the product benefits tied around “Good for you and your family. Good for your wallet. Good for the environment.” were consistently featured on all marketing collateral and appealed to consumers on an emotional level. The vibrant and soothing green and blue colour palette complemented the product and attracted consumers’ attention and focus, keeping them engaged and informed.

The recommendations and executions of BTI’s creative and strategic approach to heightening the significance of Whirlpool water filters in-store and in-mind were instrumental in the overall boost in retailer and corporate sales. They also produced a much greater brand awareness by keeping these products top-of-mind to existing and future consumers.

Watch this short case study video of Whirlpool water filters brand strategy campaign tactics and results.



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